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Win Money and Prizes on FIFA With These 3 Simple Tips

Written by Stakester
19 Feb, 2021

Feel like you’re constantly on the wrong end of a last-minute loss? Try these tips to clean up the competition and put an end to your frustrations – by learning how to win money and prizes on FIFA!

Running Fake Shot – Easy to Learn

Perform this move by sprinting and then holding O and tapping X (PS4) or holding B and tapping A (Xbox). Then, hold the left analogue stick at a slight angle to the direction that you are already running. This slight angle change results in a ‘speed boost’.

When to Use It

You can use these scenarios to sell your opponent the dream and leave you victorious:

  1. First Touch – pace past an opponent (like Kylian Mbappé vs Robert Huth).
  2. Edge of the Area – glide past a defender and into the box.
  3. In the Box – the speed combined with a mistimed tackle often wins you a pen. 

Right Stick Switching – Hard to Master

Switch players by flicking your right analogue stick towards the player you want to control.

When to Use It

In a game of FIFA you don’t need to control the nearest defender to the ball in every scenario, for example, you might need to:

  1. Cut Out Passes – use a defender further away from the ball to intercept.
  2. Move a Defender Out of Position – bring a centre half further up the pitch to make a tackle (be careful – you may leave yourself exposed).

Wingers With More: Simple As (Winning Money and Prizes on FIFA 👀)

Change your wingers’ player instructions on your squad management page. You’ll see instant results in attack and defence: 

  1. Defensive Support – change this option to ‘Come Back On Defence’ to make sure you have extra bodies at the back.
  2. Chance Creation – change this option to ‘Cut Inside’ so that you have 2 extra inside options when attacking the opponent’s goal. 

Bonus: use wingers with high pace and stamina so they can put on the afterburners for the full 90 minutes.

How to Win Money and Prizes on Fifa

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