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3 times agents caused footballing nightmares

Written by Stakester
9 Jun, 2021

Every few months, it seems that another football agent is in the papers for all the wrong reasons. This time, it’s the turn of Silas Wamangituka’s ex agent.

Introducing Silas Mvumpa

It turns out the VfB Stuttgart player has been carrying a secret with him during the formative years of his playing career. He said that Anderlecht wanted to sign him after a trial, but his visa was about to expire – rather than return to the Congo and await new papers, his agent pressured him into accepting false papers which said his name was Silas Wamangituka and gave him a new date of birth.

Luckily, the Congolese striker has the full backing of his team and he now has a Congolese passport with his correct details. We expect to see his shirt name change in the upcoming season too.

As for the agent, he could find himself in some hot water as Stuttgart are still considering taking legal action against him.

Yaya Toure’s Birthday Cake

Who could forget the drama of 2014 when Dmitry Selyuk, Yaya’s agent, claimed that his player was considering his future at Manchester City after they had failed to celebrate his 31st birthday with a cake. 

Toure claims that his agent made him a laughing stock; whenever he visited France or Africa people would ask him “do you want some cake” – We don’t see how that’s a bad thing to be honest!

They weren’t the only crazy claims made by his agent. He once predicted that Pep Guardiola’s treatment of Toure could lead to an “African curse” being placed upon him by shamans – we’re going to assume beer was involved with this one. What makes this story weirder is that the curse supposedly prevents Pep from ever winning the Champions League again, and as we all know after last month’s final, the curse is working its magic!

A Man of Morals

The story of how Mr and Mrs Icardi got together is a tough read, especially if your name is Maxi Lopez. Let’s be honest, it was awkward enough when he stole Wanda Nara from underneath the nose of his teammate, but the controversy didn’t stop there! Icardi sacked his agent of 10 years and replaced him with, you guessed it, his wife Wanda. It’s a funny old game!

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