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5 Rocket League Tips and Tricks. Boost Your Game!

Written by Stakester
3 Mar, 2021

We’ve seen how much you all love competing at Rocket League on the Stakester app, so we thought it was about time we brought you some of our famous tips. This day could go down in history, because today is the day your Rocket League career finally takes off. Read on for 5 Rocket League tips and tricks.

Lights, camera, settings

A simple one to start the list. Be sure to make these camera changes, as the default settings aren’t doing anyone any favours – except your opponent!

  • Camera Shake: switch to ‘OFF’, this will make it easier to see and react to what is going on in the game.
  • Field of View: set to ‘110’ so you can see more of the field and the game.
  • Distance: set to around 260.
  • Height: set to around 100.

Boost pads

Boost can give you that all important edge over your opponent in 1v1 Rocket League. Be sure to use the pads as often as possible. Even if you don’t need the boost yourself, using the boost pads will prevent your opponent from utilising them (AKA boost starving). 

Flip boost

Using this method helps to conserve boost whilst also increasing your own speed. Doing 3 consecutive front flips will result in ‘supersonic speed’ – if your car’s leaving firetrails you know you’re doing it right. 

Bonus Flip Tip: the front flip should also be used during kick-off if the opponent is charging the ball down. The flip gives you an advantage by increasing your car’s contact area with the ball.

Defend from the back post 

This allows you to see all of the attacking build up without reversing to make a tackle or save. This method prevents you from being caught out defensively when the opponent is attacking.

Play 1-v-1s

1-v-1s in Rocket League are essential to your skill development; you are responsible for each and every action, whether that be defending or attacking. You can put into practice all of the things you’re learning and it’s easy to pinpoint areas where you need to improve. On top of that, playing 1-v-1s on the Stakester app ensures that you are coming up against worthy opponents who you can learn from!

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