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5 unmissable FIFA 22 tips to score more goals and win more matches

Written by Stakester
20 Oct, 2021

Use these 5 tips and tricks to learn how to beat the goalkeepers in FIFA 22! They’re great if you want to improve your game and secure more Ws.

The release of EA Sports’ FIFA 22 was met with a lot of excitement, especially since there have been big updates to every part of the game, whether that’s Career Mode, Pro Clubs or FIFA Ultimate Team. However, despite the excitement, some people are still struggling with scoring goals and beating those unbelievable goalkeepers – even after the first patch! 

FIFA 22 brings a lot of new challenges and getting used to the gameplay is always going to take a bit of time, the game does feel a lot different to FIFA 21 after all. So we’ve put together 5 tips that will help you unlock those defences in FIFA 22 so you can win more matches.

FIFA 21 vs FIFA 22 – Learn these key differences

Before we get into the juicy tips of how you can score more goals in FIFA, we’re going to take you through a few skills which will help your overall gameplay:

Close control – This year, FIFA seems to have a much more effective left stick control system. It allows you to control the ball much more precisely, keeping it close to your players body whilst making quick turns – this makes it ideal for slowing down play during an attack, so you can wait for passing lanes to open. 

Skill moves – skill moves are much less effective this year. From our experience, it’s much easier to attempt to pass the ball around defenders, rather than taking them on 1v1 with skills.

Now we’ve covered that, here are the 5 tips that will help you score more goals and win more matches!

The FIFA tips


Balls into the box seem to have received a slight buff going into FIFA 22, therefore, it’s important to master the cross and have it in your attacking arsenal. There are 8 different crosses you can use:

  • Standard Cross (▢/X) ⁠— This sends the ball over to you team mate in a high arc.
  • Low Cross (▢ + ▢/X + X) ⁠— Double-tapping the cross button results in a low cross into the box.
  • Driven Cross ⁠(R1 + ▢/RB + X) — A cross with added power, great for beating the first man.
  • High Cross (L1 + ▢/LB + X) ⁠— A higher cross into the box, best used to target tall players at the back post.
  • Flair Cross (L2 + ▢/LT + X) ⁠— A cross with even more height!
  • Whipped Cross (R1 + L1 + ▢/RB + LB + X) ⁠— Fast and dangerous crosses to put the finish on a plate for your team mate.
  • Driven Cross (R1 + ▢/RB + X) ⁠— Similar to whipped crosses, but travelling at waist height.
  • Ground Driven Cross (R1 + ▢, then ▢/RB + X, then X) ⁠— A cross that travels across the floor.

Each of these crosses can be used in different situations to yield better results and score more goals!

Through balls in behind

Just like in FIFA 21, pace and through balls are still an important tactic in FIFA 22. You can combine the close control method to create space for your ball carrier, then when you spot your player making a run you can slide a ball through the defence and leave him through on goal! Not only does this put you in great positions to score goals, but you’ll be piling the pressure on the defence, making them more likely to give away free kicks.

Top tip: close control is great, but don’t forget to use bursts of pace with the R2/RT sprint button to create space as well.

Shot selection 

It’s paramount that you choose the correct shots for different attacking situations! We’ve found that finesse shots from outside of the box are great for beating the keeper (even after the first update). On the other hand, when you’re inside the box finesse shots seem to have the opposite effect and keepers deal with them quite well – instead you should put your laces through the ball when you’re in close quarters.

Trigger runs

There are two ways you can trigger off-ball players to make runs into space, these techniques might be difficult to master, but they’re very useful. 

  • One option you have is to press L3 and R3 and then flick the right stick towards a player. This allows you to actually take control of an off-ball player, leaving the control of the ball in the hands of the AI. This allows you to make pinpoint, creative runs into space.
  • You also have the option of simply flicking the right stick in the direction that you want a player to make a run, meaning you have the chance to stay in control of the ball whilst letting the AI do the running.

Keep the ball

The simple truth is you can’t score goals without possessing the ball, therefore it’s important you don’t lose the ball. To make sure of this, take your time with your buildup play – FIFA 22 prefers a slower buildup play, rather than forcing through passes or runs that don’t exist. 

You should also work on improving your dribbling, so that when your opponent begins to press and there’s no room to pass your way out of danger, you still have a backup plan!

Good luck!

These tips will help you improve your win rate across the whole of Ultimate Team, whether that’s FUT Champs or Squad Battles!

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