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8 Female Streamers You Could Be Watching Right Now

Written by Stakester
21 May, 2021

You might be missing out on some quality content. Here are some streamers you should’ve heard of by now!

There’s no shortage of talented streamers on Twitch who haven’t quite blown up yet. What you might be missing out on are some seriously talented female streamers on Twitch, and you should start watching them right now! We’ve created this easy list for you, so take a look and check out their content — and tell them we said hello!

Frankie Ward

Frankie is a streamer on Twitch who’s an absolute legend at CS:GO and PUBG (and pulls out her best moves for Just Dance). On top of being an ambassador for Intel, she’s also an Esports host and has an incredible talent for baking! Having some cookies at the ready after a sweaty round of CS:GO is probably the right way to do it — keep it up, Frankie.

Junae Benne

As if streaming on Twitch wasn’t enough for Junae, she’s also a published author and an Esports journalist. Not only that, but she has her own brand of clothing for nerds and gamers! Junae has upcoming charity livestreams that support the BLM movement, so be sure to check her out and donate.

Veronica Ripley

Also known as Nikatine on Twitch, Veronica is a trans streamer who has an incredible sense of style and isn’t afraid to show everyone who she is. With a personality like hers, you can’t afford to miss it anytime she’s online! You’ll catch her playing more story-driven games than competitive ones, or having a chaotic time on GTA Online. Take your pick, and support her streams.

Sophie Richards

Sophie is one of many women hosted by ECL on their Twitch, and she’s certainly got a lot of quirks up her sleeve. She’s football mad, seriously skilled at FIFA and has a real passion for women who want to enter the Esports arena. She also has her own YouTube channel where she promotes women in football having a place to discuss the game and share their opinions. Tune in for her Ladies in Red stream and see what they have to offer.


We love strong women like Shauna taking the spotlight for women in Esports, not only encouraging others to play FIFA but also practicing daily to be the best competitive player. Shauna blew up in the past few years, garnering a large following on Twitch because of her skill and fun personality. 

She’s not only the ambassador of LDN UTD (an Esports organisation), but she is also an EA Gamechanger! We’re expecting to see Shauna continue to grow and keep her place as the Queen of FIFA, so be sure to support her.

Lisa Manley

Lisa is a former pro footballer and now utilises her skill for the digital stadium in FIFA on her Twitch channel. She plays for the Esports team Revolution Esports, and she sure knows her stuff when it comes to FIFA. Like Shauna, she’s also an EA Gamechanger — so you know she’s the real deal. You’ll catch her streaming most days, so there’s never a dull moment with Lisa if you’re thirsty for some FIFA content.


Lady Luck is a streamer who isn’t afraid to show off who she is: she’s a cosplayer, artist and gamer with a beautiful set up that would make any lady envious. Don’t be deceived by the cute and pink aesthetic, because she’s a fearsome Super Smash Bros player who could end your gaming career as Princess Peach. 

Overall, Lady Luck is a kind and friendly streamer who has you on the edge of your seat with her skills — be sure to catch her on her next stream!

Leah Revelle

Last but not least, Leah makes our list for being another football loving streamer who has some incredible FIFA skills . Besides being a content creator for the Esports team SAF (Serious About FIFA), Leah has many other hobbies including cooking, travelling and fitness. You’ll have a lot of fun watching this all-around amazing woman play FIFA 21 on most days.

Some honourable mentions

If you’re looking for some more female streamers to support, then go and scroll through the ECL and Black Girl Gamers Twitter pages. They promote a new female streamer every day, so keep an eye out!

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