A Quick Break from Reality ☀️

Our top three games for when you want to escape dull and dreary days…

Oh British summertime, the glorious months of temperamental weather. And to any of our US fans, we know you don’t even need to live here, to know the rain-to-sunshine mood swings we have to put up with!

That being said, the 28°C to 11°C temperature drop had us thinking of our favourite games with oh so tropical climates. So, check out our top three below to help you escape to sunny pastures new…

1. Dead Island

Being surrounded by picturesque palm trees, sandy beaches and crystal clear waters almost make up for the fact you have to fight off hordes of zombies to enjoy this perfect paradise. Definitely the ideal game if you’re craving a spot of sunshine with a dangerous edge!

2. No Man’s Sky

For anyone who feels like escaping good ol’ planet Earth right now, this game is the one for you! Stuffed to the brim with content, you can experience infinite freedom, uncover the secrets of the universe, as well as discover new wildlife and ecosystems to boot. With more than 30 hours of story, you’ll be dodging reality in no time.

3. Animal Crossing

And how could we forget our beloved Animal Crossing series?! Escaping to deserted islands, creating your own paradise and interacting with cute animal villagers…what’s not to love about this charming AF game?! And as we’re still very much balls-deep into the pandemic, we can’t help but think the timing of New Horizons was pretty damn perfect! So thank you, Nintendo, for making lockdown that little bit easier!

And there you have it folks! So no matter what your plans are for this weekend, stay safe, stay healthy and don’t forget to download the Stakester app!