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Monetize your Mobile Game today

Stakester Arcade is a plug and play mobile games tournament app for developers.

🤑 Monetise Your Game

Our tournament-style revenue model generates passive income without altering your game.

Users pay a fee to enter the competition, then try to set a high score. When the competition ends, the winners will receive money and prizes.

👏🏼 No SDK Required

Integrate seamlessly, with just two lines of code.


👋🏼 Acquire New Users

Sign up to gain access to Stakester’s combined monthly reach of 2.4m – with marketing support available to help you get as many people playing your game as possible.

😁 We’re Here to Help!

Access full support from setup to user retention.

Stakester covers the payment transaction, AML, prize fulfilment, analytics and all customer support.

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