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FIFA 22 Black Friday packs leaked

Written by Stakester
25 Nov, 2021

FIFA black Friday leaks are here, find out what you can get in Flash SBCs this weekend.

We’ve got some juicy Black Friday Promo leaks for you today, as the code for the Flash SBCs over this weekend’s Black Friday event has been revealed. Thanks to RuntheFUTMarket, we’ve got the lowdown on everything you need to know about the weekend’s rewards. 

You can use this information to plan your SBC spending and choose the pack offers that will benefit your team in advance. Starting on Friday November 26, EA sports will be dropping hourly squad building challenges that you can use to try and pull some top tier ultimate team players. 

With TOTW 10, Best of TOTW and the new Signature Players promo in packs this weekend, you’ve got a better chance than usual of pulling a really top tier player. It looks like there will also be a chance to pack Rulebreakers cards, RTTK players and OTW cards.

As always, remember: don’t spend real cash on packs! Crafting SBCs is the way forward. Make sure you’ve got your web/companion app set up and ready to go!

The most exciting packs for Black Friday in FIFA 22:

It looks like each of these pack types will appear twice over the weekend, so if you miss one don’t worry – you’ll get another chance.

PL Three Rare Player Packs: perfect for PL players, but also worth a punt for everyone else – if you pull a big-name player the PL tax might net you more coins. Plus, someone’s got to pull a Signature De Bruyne! 

Serie A Three Rare Player Packs: not likely to make you lots of coins, but if you can link Serie A players it’s worth a punt.

Ligue 1 Three Rare Player Packs: definitely a big one, with TOTW Messi and Mbappe, plus Atal, Ben Yedder, Gedson Martins and Renato Sanches all rumoured to be in the Signature Signings promo. 

Bundesliga Three Rare Player Packs: you know the drill by now – if it suits your team, then get in there and complete it! You might get stuck with IF Trapp though.

La Liga Three Rare Player Packs: TOTW Kroos is on offer, which is excellent for the fodder if nothing else.

Next Generations Player Packs: contains 10 rare Gold players, with one 85+ guaranteed. Definitely a good shout to pick up some promo cards.

85+ Star Player Packs: contains 1 OTW, Record Breakers or RTTK player, 2 rare gold players and 3 rare consumables. Sounds like a Party Bag to us!

Black Friday packs: contains 10 rare players between 81-89. Something tells us these are going to be OP.

83-86 FUT Champs Upgrade: if you’ve been disciplined enough to save those red picks, then this is your chance to upgrade. Always a bit of a lottery, but if those players are just sitting in your club then you may as well. 

The best of the rest

If you need more fodder for your club then these packs could be extremely useful:

  • Two Ten 81-89 Rare Players Pack
  • Two Four 81-87 Rated Players Pack
  • Four FUT Store Packs – guaranteed 7 rare gold players 81 or higher
  • Two 81+ Seven Rare Players Pack
  • 81-87 Rated Rare Players Pack

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