Bored of FIFA? Try Out These 5 Exciting Tips

A single controller which has been left on a table by someone.

You probably know FIFA 21 better than any previous instalment – so you’re a bit bored of FIFA by now! Try out these 5 tips that could make your experience exciting again and leave you feeling like a champ.

Take On a Friend

We don’t know about you, but some of our mates need to be reminded of the true pecking order of FIFA greatness. Throw down the gauntlet and settle those age old (well… December 1993 onwards) FIFA debates once and for all.

Switch up the Teams

We believe in taking control of your destiny and trusting in your own skills to be the best. But that doesn’t mean that every game has to be El Classico. Leave team choice up to the Gods by randomising, and you could find yourself taking Birmingham up the M6 for a wet and windy night at Stoke.

Challenge a Stranger

Experience the thrill of the unknown and take on the mysterious challenge of a faceless contender. The true test of your talent is to take on the world. 

Ramp Up the Difficulty and You’ll Never Be Bored of Fifa

Bored of your friends – the lesser players – limply throwing themselves at your impenetrable defence? Level the playing field by choosing a lower rated team. Winning with Waterford, the worst rated team on FIFA, would be something to brag about. 

Play to Win Cash and Prizes

Can you think of three words that are never boring? We can, “cash and prizes”. Download the Stakester app, join our community of champions and take your FIFA game to the next level.

So if You’re Bored of FIFA, What Should You Do?

Back yourself and download the Stakester app. Challenge anyone and play amazing games to win cash and prizes. Be the master of your own destiny, bang in the goals and get that W.

If you want to find out more about how you can win cash and prizes with Stakester, check out this article.