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Bored of playing Call of Duty: Warzone? Here’s 5 ways to relight the fire!

Written by Stakester
24 Feb, 2021

Bored of playing Call of Duty: Warzone? Fallen off the wagon while your friends play on without you? We’ve all been there – welcome to gamer fatigue, lockdown edition. Playing the same game over and over again just gets dull, and you get that Monday morning commute feeling every time you drop into the same old maps! Fire towers have become a serious trigger. Let’s not mention them.

So, to help you out, we’ve pulled together five ways to get you back into Warzone. There are lots of ways to get your teeth into the new season – a few of them may even surprise you!

Hunt treasure… and players ?

Did you know about the thirteen bunkers scattered around Verdansk? Hiding behind those large doors are untold riches of guns and money that can tip the scales to your advantage. It can also give you the upper hand when entering the new season in any future games… but before you get those doors open you’ll need to find a few things.

Hunt down the codes or access cards first – these are literally the key to getting those doors open; they’ll be scattered around the map. You’ll also need a team of your best soldiers – friends, remember when we could go and visit those? – to fend off the other treasure hunters. Good luck out there.

Get the best optic for those clean shots.

Still bored playing Warzone? How about you unlock the best, cleanest optic for your ventures into season two? The Blue Dot reticle, for both Holo and Reflex sights is available to unlock. We’re not going to lie, it’s a long road – but it’s not impossible. Time and skill is needed to unlock this sight, and if you’re reading this we think you’ll have what it takes.

The Holo Sights requires a completion of nine tasks, and the Reflex Sights requires ten tasks. You can view these at the gunsmith, so be sure to have a pen and paper handy and get ready to grind.

Complete some contracts!

If you prefer to kill your boredom with short term tasks, then contracts may be your best option. You and your mates can pick them up on the fly for some extra rewards. Scavenger hunts, recon and bounties are available for you – just be sure to keep your head down while you complete these tasks. Remember that there’s still a war happening out there.

You can see these contracts from your Tac Map; they’ll appear as icons there and in-game you’ll see them available in the forms of small tablets or supply chests in Plunder mode.

Experiment with other game modes

This one is a bit of an obvious answer, we know – but try other game modes. Regular battle royale matches aren’t the only way to play the game, and you shouldn’t be afraid to dip into everything else that Warzone has to offer! You’ll be able to test these new maps and modes in season two, but be aware that the modes constantly rotate to keep players invested, so these are subject to change. Keep up to date with their new modes on their Twitter.

These modes are great to play with your mates, and keeps you on your toes for when these modes eventually change.

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