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Call of Duty: How Vanguard will get you more kills in Warzone

Written by Stakester
10 Sep, 2021

Looking for more ways to beat your opponent in Warzone? Then it might be time to put in your pre-orders for Vanguard!

We’re ready to march into battle with Vanguard on November 5th, but did you know that  your hours fighting WWII campaigns will help you in Warzone? If you want to grind to the best weapons and become the deadliest in Verdansk then Vanguard is the key. So, if you want to get more W’s, read on! 

Vanguard will be integrating with Warzone, and have the Battle Pass system. That means you can access a new map and claim new weapons. With Vanguard, you can get those weapons sooner and demolish the competition in the Warzone.

If you preorder Vanguard today, then you’ll have early access to the game through the beta. From today — the 10th — until the 13th of September, the first weekend for the early access beta exclusive to Playstation users will be available. The following week the beta will open to Xbox and Battlenet PC, and finally on the 18th until the 20th it will be open to everyone. 

If you participate in the beta weekends and reach level 20, you will receive a Weapon Blueprint for Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone! This mysterious blueprint will be the key to your grind on Warzone, and will make you an opponent to be feared. You will win more cash and prizes on Warzone, if you pre-order Vanguard today and get a head start on your winning streak!

Grind for guns

It wouldn’t be Call of Duty without an incredible arsenal of weapons to choose from. Ever since Cold War’s integration into Warzone, we were gifted with a similar set of weapons that could be found in the original game. With Vanguard’s release approaching, we’re also expecting a similar transition into Warzone.

The current list of confirmed weapons for Vanguard tells us that Verdansk may be filled with the sounds of Tommy Guns and Volks in no time. We’re going to be on the edge of our seats, waiting to see what will join the Warzone arsenal — we’ll let you know as soon as we get wind of the next set of OP guns. 

New sights, new rewards

Are you ready for a change of scenery? Vanguard’s new map for Warzone will be taking players to the Pacific theatre of WWII. That means we can expect to find new secrets, new vault locations and some new in-game missions to collect some worthy loot.

On this tropical Pacific map, you can expect to find the lush jungles and beaches reminiscent of Japanese islands in the 1940’s. Keep your eyes peeled for any secret caves or underground bunkers: they might just be full of that sweet, sweet loot. 

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