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Call of Duty: Vanguard is finally here and it looks awesome!

Written by Stakester
19 Aug, 2021

The in-game Vanguard reveal finally dropped in Call of Duty Warzone, and we couldn’t be more excited! Pre Order now to get early access with Vanguard Alpha.

Another year has rolled by, and the release of the next Call of Duty game – Vanguard – is finally here. From the teasers and rumours that have come out over the last couple of weeks our expectations were pretty high. Now that it’s here, we’re excited to say that World War II game Vanguard is looking even better than we expected it to be.

Players dropped into a battle of Verdansk event – and were immediately sent to the train tunnel. Suddenly, a train emerged from the darkness and there was only one objective: destroy the train! This armoured train had turrets mounted on every carriage, and the game supplied you with everything you needed to throw everything at it – from rocket launchers to tiny pistols.

With the locomotive down, a swarm of WW2 planes darkened the sky over Verdansk and started dropping a seemingly endless supply of bombs. Players had 100m to run to an extraction point, but it was all in vain. Nobody that we’ve seen so far made it out alive.

It was a pretty intense finish. But, it turned out it was only the curtain raiser for the Verdansk trailer itself.

And Twitter goes wild!

We aren’t the only ones celebrating this reveal event. Call of Duty fans erupted on Twitter, sharing their thoughts and reactions to the in-game event and announcement. You can’t really blame them, can you?!

At 6:30 UK time: Vanguard dropped and players swarmed to the matchmaking screen to get in. Everyone wanted a taste of this new mission, and were practically foaming at the mouth to get in! Activision Blizzard must’ve been licking their lips.

Unfortunately, some were having trouble getting into a game, and were stuck in the matchmaking lobby – only able to stare longingly at the loading icon. Some people were waiting a long time to get in, but those that got lucky had a pretty intense experience!

Once it was all said and done, the players we saw were left reeling from the intensity of the match. It was intense – even for Warzone – and anyone who played it probably won’t forget anytime soon. Those planes have no doubt left that image burning in their minds!


So, it’s official: the Vanguard release date is November 5th. Place your pre-order now in the Playstation Store and you’ll get an early taste of Call of Duty action with Call of Duty: Vanguard Alpha. An open beta will follow but we don’t have the info yet.

The good news just keeps coming and coming: Zombies are back! Everyone’s favourite survival mode is back from the dead (sorry!). Now we know what you’re thinking, will there be Nazi ones? We hope so, but nothing has been confirmed yet. 

And finally, from the bigwigs themselves, we’ve been graced with our soldiers names and the tease of more information coming later this week.

We have to admit, the Warzone event was a blast. After a year of amazing Warzone games, we’re ready for a breath of fresh air that Vanguard is sure to provide. Let’s go to war!

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