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Call of Duty Vanguard tips to know before you get the game

Written by Stakester
16 Nov, 2021

Call of Duty Vanguard is now with us. The highly anticipated game, which focuses on the less famous fighting that took place outside of Europe in the Pacific and Africa, is already a blockbuster. However, there are lots of updates and changes to how the game feels! So, to make sure you’re ahead of your mates, here are some call of duty tips to secretly upgrade your gameplay and make sure you lead the squad to your next W.

First: what is Call of Duty Vanguard?

Call of Duty Vanguard is the latest Call of Duty.There are some new weapons, events and game types to play around with. It was released on November 5th 2021.

The Tips

Cover has got more difficult and realistic

Call of Duty looks like it has taken a leaf out of Battlefield’s book and has added destructible environments into all three of its game modes: campaign, online and zombies. This means that when you get caught in intense battles, it can be more difficult to survive compared to older games in the series; basically, you should avoid staying in one spot (we’re looking at you, campers) as you’ll need to navigate the maps carefully to avoid being pinned down.

Complete the easiest career challenges first

In Vanguard, career challenges are organised into different groups. Completing the odd challenge here and there will earn you a few thousand XP, but completing the full group will net you 10,000XP! If you want to level up quickly, then you should target challenges within the same group so you can cash-in on the big XP payout. 

A good place to start with this is the Boot Camp and Counter Measures challenges. The first centers around more general challenges like “win X matches”, so it’s likely that you’ll complete the Boot Camp challenges without much effort and the latter is slightly more difficult as you’ll need to destroy a lot of enemy equipment.

Make the most of the new prestige system 

It’s been 12 years since the release of Modern Warfare 2, and lots of players were calling for the return of the iconic game’s prestige system. As tempting as that might have been for the developers, they have decided to keep on innovating, and have instead chosen to implement a brand new prestige system in Vanguard.

The prestige system is easy to understand to begin with – you’ll level up from level 1 to a level 55 Commander, at which point you’ll hit prestige 1. After that, it gets a little complicated; you won’t receive “ranked” levels, instead you’ll earn season levels which (as you might guess) are tied to the season the game is in. 

You continue to climb through the seasonal levels until you prestige again, at which point you’ll be rewarded with special emblems and Battle Pass tier skips. Be careful though, if you do not manage to prestige within a season then you’ll maintain your prestige but lose any progress you’ve made towards the next prestige milestone – meaning you’ll start afresh in the new season.

Concentrating on prestiging won’t actually improve your skill level. However, it will show others that you have put some serious time into the game and that you aren’t an opponent to be messed with. Also, it makes you much more likely to max out the Battle Pass and unlock all of the skins, weapons and blueprints – who doesn’t want that?

Explore Gavutu’s ship

Vanguard’s Gavutu is one of our favourite maps in the new game. It has some key areas on the map depending on the game mode you are playing. The obvious one to point out is the wrecked landing craft that is a main feature in objective-based modes such as domination and search and destroy. It’s definitely worth familiarising yourself with this area first, so that when you’re pushing to capture flags on the lower deck you’ll know the best routes to the target. 

There are also Youtubers who cover the best “rush routes” for search and destroy on Gavutu. You should definitely check this video out if you’re a S&D fan:

Bonus weapon tip

It’s still early days in the game cycle, and most players are still finding their feet and deciding what their go to loadout is. But that doesn’t mean we can’t point you in the right direction towards a possible META! 

Back in MW2 (yes, we’re mentioning it again. Yes, we might have an obsession) the Model 1887 akimbo was one of the staple loadouts of the game. This dual wield set up would absolutely shred opponents, and considering they were hipfire, the havoc they could wreak from range was seriously impressive. Well now, it looks like there’s been a revival of dual wield shotgun class in Vanguard.

The Akimbo Double Barrel Shotgun is truly a sight to behold in Vanguard, and it’s ridiculously fun to use. This setup doesn’t quite have the range of the old Model 1887s, but it’s still an oppressive force from closer range. It’s best used on close-quarter maps as the akimbo decreases the accuracy by a fair amount. 

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