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Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific Caldera – what we know so far!

Written by Stakester
4 Nov, 2021
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We’re a day away from the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard, and that means that the new Warzone Pacific Caldera map will be hot on its heels! There’s a lot of updates flying around for Vanguard – and why wouldn’t there be, that’s the full paid game! But so far, we’ve only had teasers for what is in store for us in the new Warzone map. So, Call of Duty fans, here’s what we know so far:


Probably the most obvious additions to Warzone Pacific Caldera, and a first ever for the Call of Duty franchise, are the flyable WW2 fighter planes that have been added into the game. 

This is set to be an historical advancement of CoD’s gameplay, as we’ve only ever been able to fly helicopters in previous titles.

The planes have been featured in the majority of the artwork that has been released, so it’s clear that we’ll be getting the chance to take to the skies in Warzone once again. 

The fighters look as if they’re fitted with front-facing machine guns, and whilst we’re sure you could wreak havoc on the players on the ground, we’re guessing that dogfighting will be the main action you’ll be involved in up there. 

Bonus history lesson: The first ever flight of a combat helicopter took place in April 1944; the YB-R4 was used to rescue four men. Even after the first flight, the helicopter was mostly used to fly rescue missions, so it might be unlikely that we’ll see helicopters in the revamped Warzone. However, it was flown in the Pacific, so never say never!


In the images posted by Playstation on Twitter, you can see a 4×4 truck with a gun mounted on the back – this also seems like it could also be a new addition to the game!

Previously, we only ever saw guns mounted on the armoured trucks in Verdansk, and even these were swiftly removed from the game as they were overpowered.

Could these be a META way to travel around the map and pick up easy kills?

Game Modes

Here’s what we know about the updated battle royale’s game modes: 

  • Vanguard Royale: a battle royale featuring only WW2 weapons and dogfights? Sign us up! We’re certain this one will be a hit with the CoD community. However, we’re unsure if this will be a limited time event.
  • Caldera BR: this game mode will be the main mode for the foreseeable. This is where you’ll be able to carry over all of the progress you made in Verdansk; you don’t have to say goodbye to your beloved loadouts just yet! It’s also this game mode that will allow Vanguard players to carry over their player callsigns.
  • Rebirth island: it looks like Rebirth is here to stay! News which is great if you prefer a faster paced Battle Royale.

Warzone Pacific Map

Thanks to a piece of merchandise issued at a CoD launch event, the new Warzone map has been released in full! You can see plenty of key areas across the map, including a submarine base, beach defences and a dormant volcano (although we’d hazard a guess it won’t remain dormant!).

It’s been announced that there will be 200-plus points of interests dotted around the lush forests and rocky crags of our new Pacific playground – we’re sure there are going to be many classic moments immortalised on social media as we get to grips with our new home!

And if you haven’t seen it yet…

check out the Warzone Pacific Caldera trailer here:

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