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Call of Duty: Warzone – The Haunting trailer has dropped

Written by Stakester
19 Oct, 2021

The Haunting is returning to Verdansk, but what scares do the developers have in store for us? Come and find out now!

Is it just us, or does it feel like Halloween is in full swing already? You can’t go anywhere without seeing pumpkins and spiderwebs, and the same can now be said for CoD – ‘The Haunting’ is returning! 

Last Friday’s teaser announcement got people talking! Points if you caught the clever shout-out to Scream and the iconic “what’s your favourite scary movie” line? Check it out here: 

The Haunting 2020

Last year, Warzone’s Halloween update provided us with one of the most unique and fun ways to play the game to date; Verdansk turned into a moonlit and haunted version of itself, with dripping blood drenching building floors, spirits that inhabited buildings and even a ghost train.

‘The Haunting’ also saw the introduction of the Zombie Royale game mode, as well as the Trick or Treat mission. And don’t forget the iconic Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Saw store bundles – those operator skins are still going strong even a year later!

The Haunting Returns

The full trailer for this year’s event has dropped, make sure to check it out:

This year is heavily influenced by Scream’s famous killer ‘Ghostface’, so you can expect to see a Scream bundle in the store soon after the launch (you may have noticed some hackers/modders have already been using the skin in-game). There’ll also be Donnie Darko, Ghost of War, Necro Queen and Disciple of Mayhem bundles – plenty to keep us entertained!

Given the amount of slashing that went on in the trailer, we were bound to get the chance to use a new, very sharp object to dispatch our enemies – and that comes in the form of the new Hammer and Sickle secondary. This one is going to be fun!

As for limited time game modes, we’ll be playing something called Ghosts of Verdansk, which looks like a twist on last year’s Zombie Royale.

It also looks like the devs took a trip to the Halloween aisle of their local Tesco – there are plenty of orange fairy lights and pumpkins knocking around in the video, so expect to see them all over Verdansk.

In other news…

Activision have announced a crackdown on all things cheating! Hackers and cheats have been the bane of casuals for months – they seem to be everywhere in the battle royale game and they really ruin the game for us normal players. Because of this, interest in the game seems to have cooled, and many people have openly admitted that they’ve given up and stopped playing the game. 

However, the hackers have overstepped the mark and have now caught the attention of Activision, who have announced ‘RICOCHET’ – a full anti-cheat system that will be launching on day one of the Pacific map update. We, for one, can’t wait until gameplay is back like it was in the early days of Warzone!

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