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Can’t wait for FIFA 22? Just buy your own team instead!

Written by Stakester
19 May, 2021

Rumours are swirling about a Chinese Millionaire who took fantasy football to the next level; by buying his local team and making the coach pick his 19-stone son in every game. But is it true?

Every football fan has asked themselves the question: if I could somehow magic myself into a professional football team, could I bang in some goals? Well, He Shihua – the majority shareholder at second-division Chinese side Zibo Cuju – has decided to answer that question for all of us. 

Richie Rich of the Rovers

The 35 year old millionaire investor subbed himself on during a match with local rivals Sichuan Jiuniu, making “little impact” as he “barely touched the ball” (ouch). We’re sure that won’t stop him and his desire to play football though, it’s not like super rich football owners are notoriously flakey or anything.

We really hope EA reacts to this news by developing a “Chinese billionaires” option for Career Mode in FIFA 22, where you can enter the league as a hapless titan of industry and prove the doubters wrong. It’ll all be worth it when you score your only goal of a season in an 8-1 defeat to your nearest relegation rivals.

Earlier today, rumours suggested that the cherry on the top of this uniquely football story was that the owner was also reportedly forcing the head coach to pick his son in every game! The son was allegedly pictured below, looking a bit more like rugby player than a footballer.

But, it later emerged that this picture is actually from 2018, and that it shows ANOTHER investor who had strong-armed himself into playing for a different team in the same league. You really couldn’t make it up.

A Rocky Road

He Shihua’s team managed to gain promotion into China’s league one last season, however, they’ve had a tough start to this campaign. In their first five games they have lost four and only managed to get one draw. The question is, if these rumours aren’t true – then what’s their excuse?

It seems if Zibo Cuju want to get back to the top of their game then their millionaire owner is going to need to splash some of that cash on recruitment. Let’s hope this story didn’t give him any ideas!

The fake football hall of fame

Ali Dia

23 Years Ago Today, Ali Dia Made His First And Last Premier League  Appearance - SPORTbible


This guy had to buy a team to get in the game, but what if you could just lie your way in? Step forward Ali Dia, perhaps football’s most famous fraudster, who once convinced Southampton and Graham Souness that he was 1) George Weah’s cousin and 2) good at football. This ultimately bagged him a one month trial at Southampton.

He made one appearance for the club, playing 70-odd minutes against Leeds. Matt Le Tissier described his performance as like watching “Bambi on ice”, so it’s understandable why he was released after the month was up!

Gregoire Akcelrod

Meet Gregoire Akcelrod - the FAKE footballer who almost blagged his way  into the Champions League | Daily Mail Online


Another footballing sneak was Gregoire Akcelrod. It had always been his dream to play professional football, despite his father describing him as “not very good”. But Gregoire was never deterred; he broke into PSG’s amateur team in the 5th division and earned trials for Swindon Town, Norwich City and Bournemouth. In fact, he almost realised his dream when CSKA Sofia asked him to sign ahead of their season in the Champions League!

But if he wasn’t good, how did he get an offer from a Champions League club? Well, the Frenchman created a website filled with fake reports of how he was his team’s best player and this ultimately led to the Bulgarian club’s interest.

However, Akcelrod’s masterplan was scuppered when a CSKA Sofia fan got in touch with a PSG fan. Now we don’t have access to the actual conversation, but we imagine it went something like this:

CSKA fan: Hi mate, our team is in for one of your lads, Akcelrod. Is he any good?

PSG fan: Who?

As you can imagine, word spread quickly that the random French bloke who played for PSG’s pub team probably wasn’t going to fare well against the likes of Messi and Ronaldo. So Gregoire’s dream was finally over – he’s now pursuing a career as an agent.

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