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Cherry on Top 🍒

Written by Stakester
31 Aug, 2020

A little somethin’ somethin’ to help inspire you to kick this week’s ass…

Well here it is, the start of a brand new week — and if this weekend was anything to go by (finally being allowed to the pub and all) we bet there are a lot of hungover Brits this fine Monday. Fear not though, we’ve got a spot of inspirational sunshine up our sleeves to help pick you up and lift those spirits for the week ahead!

At Stakester, we’re all about believing in ourselves, backing ourselves and hyping ourselves up so much so, that we trust our ability to pretty much do anything! So when we were reminded of this story, we couldn’t help but share the joy. Enter; Matthew A. Cherry. A former American Football player with a few music videos and low-budget indie movies under his belt, this guy knew he was destined for greater things. Specifically, winning an Oscar.

All the way back in 2012, Cherry tweeted that he was going to win an Oscar. A brave, bold move and we bloody love it! Fast forward to 2016, he then tweeted a single image asking 3D artists to hit him up to work with him on his Oscar-winning idea. Skip forward another couple of years to February 2020 and BOOM! Matthew A. Cherry wins that sleek, golden Academy Award — later on sending a single tweet out to the world, simply saying “nailed it”. How about that for backing yourself?!

And his project to bag the prize? Hair Love, a short film about an African-American father attempting to do his young daughter’s hair while her mother’s in hospital. Inspired by many YouTube videos of dads being on hair duty, Cherry’s aim was to inspire the black community to love and embrace the natural hair they’ve been blessed with…and boy did he do a stand-up job! We must warn you though, this doesn’t half pull at the heart strings!

Pretty effin amazing, huh? And it just goes to show, if you truly believe and back yourself, even when you hit a few bumps along the way, you can damn well achieve anything! It may have taken Cherry eight years to bag that Oscar, but he did it, and now there’s no stopping the guy!

So there you have it! No matter what your dreams and goals are, don’t let anyone ever tell you they’re impossible or unreachable. As long as you back yourself, then there’s no reason you can’t make it.

We hope we’ve inspired you enough to kick this week’s ass and remember, stay safe, stay healthy and don’t forget to download the Stakester app!

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