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FIFA 22 Club Signatures Leaks: everything you need to know

Written by Stakester
24 Nov, 2021

Club Signatures Leaks: De Bruyne, Ben Yedder and a Gelson Martins SBC. Plus, Messi in TOTW 10!

Yesterday, we told you what we thought we knew about the next promo – and we got it completely wrong. So, we’re going to sooth ourselves after taking that massive L by telling you what’s really coming on Friday! And we’ve got our info from a real expert this time, @TrustyFutTrader

@TrustyFutTrader Club Signatures Leaks

Thanks to @TrustyFutTrader, we’ve got the lowdown on the promo team that will be dropping on Friday. The promo looks heavy on the Premiership and Ligue 1, with Skriniar and a Chiellini SBC on the way for Serie A players. 

Centred around marquee transfer signings, it looks like we’re going to get one big signing per team. This is a first for FIFA Ultimate Team, so we can’t tell you much more! But, we know one thing, the rat king Ben Yedder is back!

Who do you want to pull?

Depending on the boosts, the headlining De Bruyne card could be exceptional: if he gets a pace boost he will go right to the top tier of midfielders on FUT. And don’t call it a comeback, but if Yedder gets a strength and pace boost, he’ll be usable once again. Anyone who used Atal’s FUT Birthday card in FIFA 21 will already know the power of the Algerian utility man.

Skriniar and Chiellini offer Serie A players a new option at CB: Skriniar’s gold card was pretty cracked at the start of the game so you’d have to assume this promo version will be usable. Both represent a good opportunity for traders, as strong links to the two cards are going to go up in value – so have a look around!

Flash SBCs and lightning rounds all weekend

You’ll have plenty of chances to open packs and pull a big name, with flash SBCs and lightning rounds available as usual for Black Friday. If you’re not familiar, these are time-sensitive SBCs and packs that will only be available for an hour.

They’ll be released throughout the Black Friday promo, so make sure you’ve got your partner app or web app to hand. Follow some FUT accounts on Twitter so you don’t miss a good one, and you can log in and complete them at your leisure. 

TOTW is about to get Messi

It looks like we’ve got our first GOAT in the TOTW: Lionel Messi’s OTW card rose sharply in price yesterday, suggesting that a few people with insider info have started buying up supply. PSG have secured 4 of the 5 wins he needs for an upgrade and they play in the Champions League tonight, but we think there’s more to the price rise than that.

That means we will have Best of TOTW cards, plus a current TOTW that includes Kante and Messi in packs this week. If you had the discipline to save Premium TOTW packs then we take our hats off to you, you’ve got an amazing chance of a great pull this week.

Make sure you do Marquee Matchups

UCL Marquee Matchups are back and there are some decent rewards on the table: with a Premium Electrum Pack, Small Prime Players Pack and a Premium Gold Players Pack, it’s a no brainer. Complete it now and save the packs for Friday! 

The 82+ double upgrade represents another good chance for value, and will be available during the promo. But, the SBCs are going to come thick and fast this weekend, so try not to clean your club out before you see what’s on offer.

Ready for the big leagues?

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