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CoD: Warzone – A roundup of the exciting season 4 update

Written by Stakester
21 Jul, 2021

There’s nothing quite like a Season Reload to get us all talking about Warzone! And the developers definitely haven’t let us down this time around; we have updates in everything from game modes to Killstreaks and they’ve even fixed some of those tiny annoying features too! As always, we’ve collected all of the update news in one handy place for you, so let’s get into it.

All New Game Mode!

Ever wanted to get your Rambo on and shoot a .50-cal machine gun from a moving vehicle? Well, now you can! Warzone’s first ever objective-based game mode has landed, and it will see two teams of 20 pitted against each other in a race to either deliver the cargo or prevent it from reaching its destination.

The defending team, apart from attempting to kill the opposing team’s operators, will also be able to buy and build obstacles to slow the enemy team down. This game mode is the first of its kind and, if successful, could revolutionise the way Warzone’s battle royale develops in the future.

An Impressive Killstreak

What’s better than being Rambo? Having a robot Rambo (we promise we won’t mention Rambo again)! This new Sentry Gun Killstreak is a throwback to the glory days of MW2, and just like its predecessor, it’s a merciless weapon that will chew up your enemies in no time – just check out the video above! But how do you get your hands on one?

This automatic weapon will be a devastating addition to your arsenal, but getting one isn’t that simple. No matter how much cash you save up, you won’t be able to buy one from the Buy Stations dotted around the map. Instead you’ll have to head to one of the many red doors in Verdansk, use the portal and head to the control rooms where you have a chance of finding a Sentry Gun. However, it’s still a game of luck as the Killstreak is not guaranteed to Spawn in every control room!

Bugs and Glitches

There’s no doubt about the talent of Warzone’s developers – they’re some of the best in the business. But these large updates are always going to come with a few minor problems that need ironing out. One of those problems is players dropping into regular games with their full loadout – you can imagine the advantage this would give you! 

The second is an “unlimited Dead Silence” glitch which, given the complaints many players have about the normal Dead Silence, has caused quite the storm! So, make sure you keep an eye out for any of these problems, you don’t want the enemy having the drop on you.

High Alert is Receiving a Buff

It turns out that the unlimited dead silence glitch might not be a problem if you have High Alert; with this perk you’ll be able to hear the footsteps of enemies using Dead Silence. This is a game changer and means it’ll be much harder to spring those sneak attacks that we all love. You can probably expect a META reshuffle to include the High Alert perk, will you be switching over too?

Zip Lines Are Finally Fixed

Once upon a time, you and your squad would have to take it in turns to Zip Line up elevator shafts. This would leave the whole team exposed; either you were stuck at the bottom, sweating in the hope that you’d survive long enough to also attach to the zip line and head up, or you’d be the first one in and inevitably meet a premature end thanks to the noob camping at the top. But thankfully, those days are over!

Now, you and your team will be able to zip line up ropes and elevator shafts in quick succession – meaning that you can rush any players who are camping at the top – let’s face it, they deserve no less! This is something that ourselves and other Warzone players have been calling for for a while now, can you tell we’re happy?!

What Else Has Changed?

Probably the most fun update in the patch notes – you can now pop wheelies! There have been new mechanics added to the dirt bike, meaning that the experience should feel a lot more lifelike compared to when dirt bikes were first introduced to the game at the start of the season. Leaning back will lift the front wheel and leaning forward will increase steering sensitivity.

In other updates, the Gulag weapons have once again changed and the Specialist Token now has an increased spawn rate, meaning you’ll be charging about Verdansk like a superhuman much more often! One of the handiest updates is to do with loadout drops – now, after you select your loadout, your previous loot will drop behind you. This means there will no longer be that jumbled soup of weapons and lethals that sees you spending half an hour trying to switch out your secondary!

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