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EA hacking scandal: trader and creator accounts stolen

Written by Stakester
6 Jan, 2022

Big-name FIFA traders, players and content creators have their clubs stripped of coins and players as part of EA support scam.

FIFA Twitter is in meltdown with the news that some big names have been the victim of a customer service hacking scam that has left their clubs empty. The affected players say that their player data was accessed through EA Support – by impersonating them and having their password reset. 

Jamie Bateson (AKA Bateson87), NickRTFM, Trader FUT Donkey, Trymacs, TisiSchubecH and FUT FG have all seen their clubs raided – and rumours are swirling as to how and why this has happened. Here’s what we know about the FIFA 22 hacking scandal so far:

Top players and traders targeted

Whether they’re famous for playing the game or trading, top accounts are the main victims of this scam. Hackers allegedly gain access to their accounts by spamming customer support until an agent can be convinced to reset their account, granting them access and allowing them to do whatever they want with the contents of the club.

There are reports on Twitter of regular users being hacked over the Christmas period, to go along with the ever-growing list of big names that have been revealed to have been hacked. Imagine waking up in the morning to find that the millions of coins you’ve been grinding for all year have just disappeared! The first report of this hack was said to have cost the account holder 40 million coins – those are some serious numbers.

The story according to @FUTDonkey

It’s all speculation at this stage, but the hackers have clearly been able to target a weakness in EA’s processes. @FUTDonkey told the Mirror that his personal details have been used to access a range of sites, from blockchain to pornography – and his inbox is full of spam emails from these services. 

In fact, @FUTDonkey has been one of the most outspoken critics of EA over the hacking, posting some pretty sensational Tweets alleging that he even warned EA that he was likely to be hacked – and that someone was still able to access his account through customer support:

What’s next for Electronic Arts?

All we know so far is that this is only the beginning of this story: the fallout is sure to carry on over the next few weeks. At the time of writing, over 2000 players have already reacted to the news by signing a petition demanding that EA overhaul their support system so this can never happen again. It has only been online for 13 hours and the numbers continue to rise.

Follow the story as it develops

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