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How to earn money and prizes playing mobile games on Stakester

Written by Stakester
6 Dec, 2021

Win cash, earn prizes – real prizes – by setting high scores on awesome mobile games.

Ever wished you could play mobile games and earn money while you’re chilling out at home? Those gaming sessions on the couch are a lot of fun, but what if you could finish with some extra cash in your pocket? 

Well now you can – with Stakester – and we’re here to tell you how. Plus, make sure you read to the end for a list of the best mobile games to earn money! We’ve got everything you need to know right here. 

Make passive income on the couch

It’s time to get something out of those nights on the couch “watching” TV, when we’re really playing with our phones. The games are great fun and it’s a good way to pass the time, but wouldn’t it be amazing if you could earn some cash and finish the evening with some real rewards for playing?

We’re talking about real rewards too; not fake points, worthless NFTs or gimmicks to try and make you play on. We’re talking about proper cash prizes and actual real-life prizes too! If you want to find out how to get in on the action, all you have to do is read on…

Finally, an app that pays!

This free game app allows you to play the game of your choice to win extra cash online. We work with the most exciting game developers to bring you a range of awesome games – all of which allow you to win with your skills.

All you have to do is download the Stakester app, go to the “apps” tab, choose your game and enter the competition. You can then download the game and get playing. Set the highest score you can, and if you’re on the podium when the competition window closes, you’ll win money and prizes!

Obviously we all want to end up on top, but you’ll earn extra rewards – win or lose – every time you play.

Get on top of the leaderboard

To get those cash rewards, you need to set the highest score you can. The top players in a certain time period (it depends on the game) will win cash prizes (and real ones!) so you need to make sure you’re one of them.

It only costs $0.25 to enter and the top prize is $50! Plus, you can enter as many times as you like. If you’re near the top of the tree when time runs out, you’re in the money! You can check in on the leaderboard any time to make sure you’re still in contention. 

Never leave empty handed 💎

Every time you play – even if you don’t win the prize money – you’ll earn Gems. You can use these Gems to get prizes from our in-app Prize Store. From a free month’s Netflix or Spotify, to Turtle Beach Gaming Headphones, wireless speakers or an actual Peloton Bike – there’s no shortage of amazing prizes to grind for. Think of it as game-powered shopping online!

It’s really important to us that nobody leaves our games with nothing to show for it. If you’ve got the desire to compete, we think that should be rewarded – win or lose. Ultimately, we believe that you’re all winners for testing your skill under pressure. We believe it so much that we’re willing to give you free stuff!

So what are the games?

There’s no Squid Game trickery here! But, selecting your best game of choice will depend on your skill-set. High score games usually require good focus and reactions, but there are still a huge variety of play styles you can get into: 

To start with, you can play Zig Zag Zoom Ball – a simple but increasingly difficult game where you need to keep an accelerating, speeding ball inside an obstacle course for as long as possible. The longer you go, the harder it gets and the more skilled you need to be!

You can also try your hand at flying a space arrow through asteroids, spaceships and stars on Project V – where the sky is literally the limit. If Snake meets Space Invaders sounds like a good time, then this is the game for you!

If you’re more of an old school player, go for the classic Ping Pong arcade-style Switch Up. Inspired by the first game ever built, this is as simple as it gets, but that doesn’t make it any less satisfying. 

Or, if you fancy yourself as a sharpshooter, you can try the Western-themed Deadeye: Wanted. Prove you’re the fastest gun in the west and you could take home the money and prizes.

All of these games are available for free, so you can play free and get a feel for them before you enter any competitions on Stakester. When you’ve sharpened your skills and you’re ready to go, just enter a competition and post your score.

Plus, we’ll be adding more games every week so you’ll never run out of stuff to play!

Think skill-based, not scratch cards

This is a really important point for us: we don’t deal in luck. All of the games offered on Stakester are skill-based, we do not allow games of chance where the player doesn’t have control of the outcome.

High scores come from good play and ability, not any outside/chance outcomes. This is an integral part of the platform and it will never be any different. We have a firm belief that skill should be rewarded and that is what Stakester is built on.

This isn’t about risking it all and winning big and we’re not making a promise to transform everyone’s personal finances – this is about giving gamers the chance to monetize their skills and compete on a higher level.

It’s for game developers too

If you’re an aspiring dev, you might need a way to monetize your app so you can keep going, or you might want to bring your project to a wider audience. That’s where we come in; it’s easy to integrate with Stakester and we have a dedicated team ready to help you get set up. 

If you visit our website, you’ll be able to get in touch with the team and start the onboarding process. If you’re a small team, we can support you with marketing and advertising if you need it – if your game is successful then so are we: so we’ll do whatever we can to help.

Your game needs to be available on iOS and Android app stores – and should be a free app so players don’t have to break the bank! That way people can sign in and earn points & money online without having to pay up front for the game itself. 

Ready to play?

Now you know all about, there’s only one thing left to do: play! Discover a whole new way to play mobile games and get ready to win!

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