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ePremier League 2022: the top FUT items players used

Written by Stakester
28 Mar, 2022

The ePremier League 2022 finals took place over the weekend, and some juiced up teams were on show!

The ePremier League is a free to enter FIFA 22 competition that gives everyone the chance to put their skills on display for the chance to represent their team on the digital stage. It’s been running since the start of the year, but it all came to a head this weekend with the knockout stages and grand final taking place.

For those of you who don’t know the rules, you don’t have to play with the team you choose to represent – let’s face it, Norwich would have never won otherwise… Instead, the competitors were allowed to choose a full squad and substitutes of past and present Premier League players, so there were some super teams on display! We’re going to break down the best of what we saw this weekend, but first: 

Congratulations to Norwich City!

Damien ‘Damie’ Augustyniak and Jack ‘GoalPoacher_’ Wignall worked together to bring it home for the Canaries after they made light work of Brentford in the final. The pair managed a 5-1 win on aggregate over their Brentford opponents, taking home £30,000 in prize money!

The best players to make the teams

Before we get into the breakdown, it’s worth noting that the players taking part are the best of the best when it comes to British FIFA competitors. So, when you’re thinking about which players you might want to add to your Prem team next, it might be worth taking a leaf out of their book!

Ruud Gullit

Starting off with this absolute hero of a card, Gullit was in the lineup for a number of the ePremier League teams. His finishing and dribbling ability really needs no introduction, and with great passing and physical as well, he was the perfect attacking package for teams across the whole comp!

Cristiano Ronaldo

You’d get no prizes for guessing that this man was in almost every team on show; Ronaldo has been cracked in FIFA for years now, and this TOTY card is no different. If you’ve got the cash to splash (an eye watering 4.5 mil) then you should follow the ePremier pros’ lead and get him in your squad.

Allan Saint-Maximin 

This one was for the more adventurous/edgy players who decided they didn’t want to lead with a superstar attack. ASM was still a popular choice and it’s easy to understand why; his pace and dribbling is up there with the best in the game, and he still has the shooting ability that most FUT players dream of!

N’Golo Kanté

Moving back through the field, Kanté was a firm favourite in the middle of the park. Defensively, he’s a beast – but he’s still got more than enough sauce going forward too! This Team of the Year card has enough pace and dribbling ability to put even the best gold card wingers out of a job…

Ruben Dias 

A popular choice at the back was Man City’s Dias – his physical and defending stats make him a brick wall for your back line. Add to that his insane pace and you’ve got yourself an incredibly well-rounded Prem defender.

João Cancelo

Rounding out the perfect chemistry, Portuguese pairing at the back is Cancelo. He’s hands down one of the best fullbacks in the game, nevermind the Prem. He has the attacking stats to allow him to bomb down the line and put balls into the box, or even have a dig himself, and unlike most fullbacks, he’s also got the ability to handle his defensive duties too!

Other notable mentions

Jadon Sancho

Marcus Rashford

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