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Euro 2020 & FIFA: Eriksen news, taking the knee in FIFA 22?

Written by Stakester
14 Jun, 2021

Eriksen is healthy and in high spirits, plus all the news from FIFA and the Euros.

The greatest show in… well Europe got underway at the weekend with an amazing opening featuring a fantastic Italian performance, a tiny remote-control Volkswagen and the maestro Andrea Bocelli. But on Saturday, something happened that put it all into a frightening perspective.

Back from the dead

The world of football held its breath on Saturday afternoon, as Christian Eriksen collapsed during Denmark’s match against Finland. Having been surrounded by his teammates, who also had to console the midfielder’s wife as she ran onto the field, things looked really bad for the Inter Milan player. 

Thankfully, the quick thinking of the referee, medical staff and fellow players saved his life – and he was resuscitated on the pitch. Today, he released a statement from the hospital and we’re all thrilled to see that he’s ok after suffering a cardiac arrest. Get well soon Christian!

Nessun Car-ma

Football fans lost their collective minds on Friday night when a remote controlled VW car brought the ball onto the field for Italy vs Turkey. The Turks probably should’ve hopped on and hitched a ride home, because the game did not go well for them. We think Burak Yilmaz’s face says it all really.

But, after the dust settled and the final whistle went, the question remained: who was driving the car? VW was trending on Twitter around kick-off, so it certainly did the job. Imagine how Andrea Bocelli felt being upstaged by a kid’s toy!

A stand against racism

After a week with much discussion around the England players taking the knee to protest racism, website The Gamer have suggested that FIFA should get in on the act. Seems like a bit of a no-brainer to us, as it’ll give fans the chance to show their support from their own homes.

You can say what you like about the article – and there may be some judgements in there – but you only have to look at the abuse that black players receive online to understand. We’re with England manager Gareth Southgate on this one. 

It’s silly season for FIFA 21

The end of season madness is upon us. Post TOTS, FIFA gets wild! This year, the Festival of Futball, Path to Glory promo gives us some truly outrageous cards for the end of the Ultimate Team season. With potential upgrades based on the results of their international teams, there are some real fan favourites in here.

Marcos Llorente, Marcos Acuna and Phil Foden are just a few of the truly exceptional cards featured in the promo. If you’re lucky enough to pack one of these, you’ll really enjoy the next few weeks. Just nobody ask EA directly about the Euros, yeah?

How to relight fire for FIFA 21 🔥

Until the FIFA 22 release date, it’s just not going to feel as fun, right? WRONG. If you’re less than excited at the prospect of playing another through ball-heavy Weekend League, then listen to us.

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Signing up takes 5 minutes, and it’s super quick and easy to find an opponent in the lobby. And if you needed any more encouragement, you can play your first game for free! If you win, you’ll get a $5 prize and some Gems that you can exchange for prizes in our in-app Prize Store. So download the app, and test your skills today.


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