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FIFA 22 Black Friday: transfer market crash, best of TOTW, TOTGS

Written by Stakester
23 Nov, 2021

Everything you need to know about the biggest promo of the year so far –including the best of TOTW going back into packs and the potential arrival of Team of the Group Stage cards.

When does the Black Friday promo start?

We’re used to a 6pm UK content drop on a Friday, but Black Friday is different! Last season, in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, the first content dropped at 2pm and packs were available in the store too. As always, the loading screen is your friend, check in on Thursday to see what’s coming on Friday.

If you keep an eye on expiry times for this week’s content, it should give you an idea of exactly when all of the Black Friday promotion content will drop. Whenever it comes, we can expect it to run all weekend – just pray for the servers.

What to expect

Things are a little different this year, with preview packs sure to be included in the promo. Otherwise, it’s business as usual for Black Friday. Get your web and companion apps ready for Flash SBCs and lightning round packs. 50k, 100k and 125k packs were added to the store last year – and this time you might have the chance to preview before you buy.

Last season we saw Flash SBCs offering a Mega Pack, and an 85+ player pick, so make sure you stay on top of them. They won’t all be brilliant, but if you save your fodder and pick the right ones you could get some amazing pulls for free!

Best of TOTW

The Best of Team of the Week promo was a big success last year, so we expect to see it as the opening Black Friday event for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. It will feature the best of the TOTW squads so far, so we can expect Neymar, Mbappe, Vinicius Jr and Sadio Mane to feature. If you have any TOTW packs saved from rewards this season, this is the time to cash them in.

There’s also a repeatable SBC available at the moment, which only requires an 83-rated team, that gives you one untradeable TOTW card. If you run this a few times with all the fodder you have, and cash in once the promo starts you could be lucky and pick up a high tier TOTW item.

Team of the Group Stage

Last season, TOTGS dropped after matchday 5 in the Champions League (today and tomorrow), so we might see those cards added to the game this week. With the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Robert Lewandowski and the entire Ajax team putting in some amazing performances, we’re expecting some great cards.

These cards aren’t live, so they will keep the stats they’re released with, but we can expect a lot of hype around them whenever they drop. With meta players like Antony and Federico Chiesa enjoying an amazing group stage so far, we’re very excited to see who makes the cut.

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