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FIFA 22 Career Mode: Things We Hope to See. UPDATED!

Written by Stakester
28 Apr, 2021

Remember the days before Ultimate Team became FIFA’s most popular game mode? When we’d spend hour after hour in offline play, honing our newfound FIFA skills and building great Premier League-winning teams? Well, looking forward to the next edition of EA’s golden goose, we wanted to shine a light on the steadfast gem that is Career Mode. 

We know Career Mode splits opinion – there are some people who love spending hours upon hours forging teams like Harrogate Town into global superpowers, but plenty of others who would rather endure a wet season watching the real team play. But, since this is the first FIFA game to be made for the PS5 and Xbox Series X, every component of the game should receive a makeover. So here are some of the things we’d like to see in FIFA 22’s Career Mode:

Kit Design

We now live in a world where each year teams reveal 3 or even 4 new kits for every upcoming season! To add to the realism of Career Mode, this should be a feature in the next game. It doesn’t make sense to have your team sport the same kit year after year, especially when you can play up to 15 seasons.

Being able to change colour schemes, choose new sponsors and work with different suppliers will improve the feel of the game; promotions and Champions League qualifications would then mean you can bag a deal with the likes of Nike and Adidas.

Stadium Development


Like kits, stadiums need to keep changing as you progress through your career with a club. It isn’t plausible that a League 2 club’s ground would remain untouched as they progress through the divisions, especially if they one day made it to the Champions League. Imagine Barcelona playing a magical European cup tie under the lights at… Town Park? Plus, we aren’t sure the Catalonian fans would love the half-time pie and gravy. 

So, we propose that stadium developments become a part of FIFA 22 Career Mode. Budgets set by the owners of your club could then be used for development of stands or even facilities. Ticket prices could be adjusted to generate more revenue and ‘fan experience and satisfaction’ could become a metric of success. 

Voice Acting

We really hope that the age of silent interviews and mute contract meetings comes to an end in FIFA 22. Given the amount of money that FIFA has thrown at pointless features that nobody actually likes (read: Volta), they can afford to get a few voice actors in for the day to record a couple of lines. 

There is zero passion in post match interviews. Adding in a few voice acted lines is a great way to give the game a more intimate and realistic feel.

Trophy Parades

Football means emotions... — A comment on the "Sergio Ramos Drops Trophy  After...

There’s nothing quite as sweet as ending that long wait for a trophy with your team, but the experience should be made even sweeter by allowing us to celebrate properly. It’s all well and good having the trophy presentation and dancing round the pitch – but we all know the party doesn’t stop there. 

In the real world, teams take to the streets to celebrate with all of their city, with hundreds of thousands in attendance. Something along the lines of a trophy parade would make the experience even more realistic, especially if we could have a reenactment of Ramos dropping the Copa del Rey trophy. 

Player Career – Agents

Whether you love them or hate them, agents are becoming a huge part of the game. They pull strings in the media and influence players to make switches to new clubs – usually for their own financial gain. These backroom deals should be a part of FIFA 22’s Career Mode. It would no doubt add to the excitement and the drama – imagine if a rogue agent could approach you about signing for a team in the new breakaway Super League!

Perhaps most importantly for your virtual career, you should be able to hire an agent who is going to get the best deal for you, as players do in the real world.

Player Career – Chat Options

FIFA 18 Career Mode – FIFPlay

In a FIFA 21 managerial career, we’re all used to the annoying 17 year old academy graduate saying something like “gaffer, I’ve been in great form recently, I’m a bit worried that I’m not in the team” right before your club’s first ever Champions League final. 

However, in a player career we have no options to interact with our head coach – if you aren’t getting played you just have to deal with it. We think that there should be a dialogue between yourself and your coaching team so that you can request game time and tips for how you can improve.

Halftime Team Talks

We don’t think it could get any more realistic than this! Let us set the scene…

The Wolves side that you are nurturing to greatness has made it to the FA cup final, but you’re 2-0 down at half time! Now you have 2 options, do you go into the changing rooms and calm your team down – “boys, you’ve made it this far, you know what you’re capable of so don’t let yourselves down now”? Or do you go all out Fergie and give them the hairdryer treatment – “What the $*@! are you doing out there?!” *throws a boot at Adama for good measure*. the choice is yours, but your second half performance depends on it.

We think halftime team talks that have the potential to increase chemistry or increase your energy levels would be a great addition to the next version of career mode!

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