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FIFA 22 defending: no more FB at CB meta

Written by Stakester
2 Aug, 2021

In news that will upset Ultimate Team rats everywhere (and probably leave Pep Guardiola fuming) – the FB at CB meta that dominated FIFA 21 has been consigned to history. 

Freeze Adama Traore. Showdown Klaiber. TOTS Theo Hernandez. Future Stars Reece James. RIP and good riddance to all of you! These RB/LB monsters dominated the centre of defence in FUT 21, rendering any striker with less than 95 pace and 90 physicality completely useless.

But the FUT community can rejoice ahead of FIFA 22, as news has broken that playing FBs ar CB will cause defenders to lose defensive positioning stats. This means the pace/strength advantages of playing a top tier FB card in the CB position will finally be nerfed. You have been warned! Pick a FB at CB next season and your defence could part like United in Istanbul.

Break this down

The experience of trying to run past an insanely fast and strong defender who seemed to defy the laws of physics was one of the most frustrating elements of FIFA 21. With through balls so overpowered, it was crucial to have the pace to get in behind. If players are forced to pick actual CBs at CB, this should be easier in the next game. 

So… about that! With an amazing list of new CBs coming to the prem this season, those starter teams are still going to put up a big challenge. Konate at Liverpool, Koundé at Chelsea (allegedly) and Raphaël Varane at United (not a starter, but still a prime option) give players a great chance to build an unbreakable backline out of the league’s top clubs. 

Don’t hate the player, hate the gameplay

Listen, we all know this is going to be patched into oblivion within a month, but it’s fun to get excited all the same! We’ve finally got some more information as to what this Hypermotion stuff is all about with the official gameplay trailer. 

Exclusively for Next Gen consoles, the Hypermotion tech looks incredible. Wiring up top footballers to capture their every move on the field and then running that data through a machine learning system is pretty damn impressive after all.

And, if it delivers, the benefits sound great. Authentic team motion means your players should actually move as a cohesive unit, new animations will make the game even more realistic and a total rewrite of GK scripts means that your No.1 should be more reliable between the sticks. 

Talking Tactics

We wanted to spotlight this brilliant thread by @UltimateTeamUK on the defensive flexibility that will be available in FIFA 22. Width and depth will now be set on a scale of 0-100, giving you much more control over the type of defensive line you want to play with. A wider scale should result in a wider range of tactics being employed across the game. 

You’ll also have more control over your CBs’ and DMs’ style of play. You can now ask your central defenders to step up and close the space, while you can allow your DM to sit back in that Jorginho deep-lying playmaking role. On the subject of Jorginho, he’s our pick for the Ballon d’Or! From laughing stock to double European Champion, you have to love the story.

Next gen celebrations

We know gameplay changes are always the most important, but this is pretty cool! FIFA 22 seems to be upping its celebration game. Imagine banging one in in the 90th minute and sitting back and enjoying these scenes.

Fans will now be visible as a stadium full of actual people instead of a blank wall of blurry faces. After the pandemic left stadiums empty, there has never been as much appreciation for football fans (unless you’re a Wembley steward) and it is great to see them with a bigger role in the next installment of the game. 

Ready for FIFA 22?

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