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FIFA 22 Division Rivals Changes: FUT Season 4 Update

Written by Stakester
4 Feb, 2022

EA Sports have made big changes: ranks are out, checkpoints are in. Rewards in Division Rivals are better for everyone, but it’s tougher to get to the top.

FUT Rivals has been pretty controversial this year: whether you think there are too many players in the Elite Division, or that it’s too hard to get there – and we think the latest new direction is going to split the room again. Here’s the breakdown for Division Rivals changes: season 4 update.

More games, more packs?

First up, instead of earning rewards for 3 wins and upgraded rewards for 7 wins, you now need 4 wins or 8 wins to get those rewards. “Select Ranks” will see new rewards with this change, but players were asked to log into the game to learn more about that. 

It’s hard to see what inspired this, winning an extra game every week only makes rewards less accessible for time-strapped players. Still, if the packs are better it’s unlikely to cause too many complaints. 

In terms of rewards, we expect that the real improvements will be seen in the higher divisions for players with high skill ratings. It’s also likely to come through in milestone rewards at the end of Season 4.

It’s tough at the top

The ladder system has a new look: ranks are gone, and we’ve now got checkpoints in their place. In the top four divisions, there’s also an extra checkpoint you need to pass before you get promoted to the next division.

So you can be at the first stage of a Division, but you’ll get the same rewards as someone who just missed out on promotion. It does cheapen that win streak a little bit, but it also means that you don’t have to get so hung up on season progress. Overall, if more people get better rewards, regardless of skill level, then you can’t really argue with the change.

That means that no matter where you are in the division, you’ll receive the same weekly rewards. This clearly favours weaker players who have been struggling to get to the higher ranks in their respective division. The extra steps on the way to Elite will make it harder for players to reach the top level, but unless you’re aiming for the Top 200 it’s unlikely to massively change your FUT experience. 

FUTure Stars

Future Stars will be the first promo of Season 4, with a host of special cards that go far beyond the usual EA promo names. We’ve got players like Smith-Rowe, Tchouameni, Wirtz and Bellingham in prospect – all given massive upgrades based on their potential as players.

We can expect a mini-release of players with different positions and boosts available: like FUT 21’s Reece James item, which was available as an RB and a CDM. It’s one of the best parts of the Future Stars promo – so if you’d like to get planning, check out the teams below.

You’ll also need to keep an eye out for Future Stars Swaps Tokens, which are available in packs and objectives throughout the next two weeks. From 11th February, you’ll be able to exchange these for packs, player picks and actual Future Stars Items – just like during Winter Wildcards earlier this year. 

FIFA 22 Season 4 

As usual we’ve got a new selection of Seasons Objectives Players, with Jordi Osei-Tutu drawing so much interest that he was on the front page of Futbin all day on Thursday. The other objective players look pretty unremarkable, but they’re worth checking out to see if you can link them in your team.

Everyone will have a newly refreshed 6 entries to FUT Champions: if you need to qualify, you can get points by winning matches in Rivals. A revamped qualification system means it’s easier than ever to qualify, and the rewards aren’t half bad when you get in either! Just get ready to sweat, as gameplay is very clunky in the aftermath of TOTY.

With the servers down today, it’s likely that Weekend League will be extended into Monday, so it isn’t too late to qualify this time! That TOTW Mane would be a great addition to any Prem squad if you got him in red picks. Good luck!

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