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FIFA 22: early access review: is it worth it?

Written by Stakester
24 Sep, 2021

EA Sports’ FIFA 22 Early access and Web App dropped on Wednesday, so we’ve  now had plenty of time to get to grips with the new game. So far, the reaction has been pretty  positive, so we’re going to break down a few of the main talking points so far! 

And if you haven’t redeemed your early access yet, you can still sign up for EA Play for free to play the game days early! Pro tip: take the free month, cancel your membership and you won’t pay a penny!


It appears that goalkeepers have been putting in extra time on the virtual training ground ahead of the release of FIFA 22! Compared to FIFA 21, when there were some shocking save attempts and matches regularly ending 6-5, goalies actually seem somewhat competent. We’ll have to wait and see if this makes it past  the first patch, but it’s nice to know your keeper’s got  you covered this year. It’s even a little refreshing to see that  we can’t just finesse every attempt into the top bin.

Elsewhere in gameplay, it seems like this year EA has slowed things down a little bit. The games don’t feel as end-to-end as they did last year, and it seems there’s more emphasis on intricate build up play. This is an area of our game that we will all need to work on – with centre backs being scarily fast this year, the ball in behind is probably a thing of the past. Short passing – and Barcelona triangles – are back: so purists, rejoice!

Transfer market 

The Ultimate Team transfer market is a little crazy at the moment – 84 rated players are going for the measly sum of 1500 coins whilst Lacroix’s 79 card is selling for tens of thousands! One good thing that has come out of this year’s transfer market is that gold cards can be listed for 300/350 buy now. That means that SBCs are about to become much more affordable!

If you do play in the early access period, even if you’re just trading on the web app, be ready to sell on launch day when demand soars!

Steve Bruce

Probably an update you didn’t expect, but it turns out that Steve Bruce is fast as f*ck boi! This player spotted big Brucie giving Bolt a run for his money after a penalty shoot-out win – honestly, it’s probably the best thing we’ve seen come out of FIFA so far.

Packin’ some heat

We don’t know why, but packs are stacked right now! Content creators and players all over the world have noticed that packs seem to be much kinder ahead of the official release. The big names are flying out of packs at the moment, with less players playing FIFA and opening packs than any other time in the game cycle.

We’re not saying you should throw money at it, but do as many SBCs and complete as many objectives as you can – because the rewards are worth it! And remember, anyone you pull is likely to increase in value when the full game launches.

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