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FIFA 22 Flashback Varane: release date and stats

Written by Stakester
25 Jan, 2022

Leaks show that Varane will be the best CB in Ultimate Team until TOTS, so save your fodder and get ready for the best SBC of the year so far.

If you do one SBC this year…

This is the big one: this FIFA 22 Flashback Raphael Varane card is a gamechanger. The short version is that he will be very expensive to complete, but he will be useable and seriously effective in FUT until Team of the Season. There are so many positives to this card: he’s cracked, he has great links and there is serious value in having a top tier, long-term untradeable item in your club.

What makes him so good?

This Varane item is a multi-faceted card: he has top tier pace, defending and physical face stats, but it’s the in-games that will tell the full story. If we take his gold card as an example, a few things stand out: a unique body type, medium/high workrates and high reactions give him the perfect base for a CB. 

Good aggression and defensive awareness mean that he takes up good positions and can snap into the tackle when needed. We can only assume his Flashback item will see some decent boosts across the board, so he’s going to be even more frustrating to face. Added to his stats, he has great Premiership and French links, so he’s easily linkable with lots of top tier players – that always adds to the price tag!

Who else is on that level?

TOTY Ruben Dias and TOTY Marquinhos are the obvious candidates for top tier CBs. They haven’t been released yet, but we know the price tags will be in the millions. Estimates put Varane in the 800k–1 million coin bracket, so he will represent a good deal when you put him next to those top level players.

RTTK Marquinhos and Headliners Van Dijk are the most expensive non-Icon CBs, with prices fluctuating between 780-800k. VVD is rumoured to be in TOTW this week, after scoring in Liverpool’s 3-1 away win at Crystal Palace. That would see him get a +1 upgrade and his price will go above 800k. RTTK Marquinhos will probably go down when his Team of the Year is released, so he’s a decent tradable option. 

So who’s the best choice? It’s hard to say – a lot depends on whether you want a high value tradable card sitting in your club. The nice thing about an endgame SBC like Varane is that he can stay in your team for the rest of the game cycle and you don’t have to worry about his value going down. With the market so volatile, that puts his item over the top of the tradable options for us.

When will the SBC drop?

Rumours said it was coming this weekend, but the card never materialised. But, with defenders coming into packs over the next few days, it’s fair to assume we’re going to see him very shortly. Paqueta came in for the midfielder drop, so Varane is likely to come in alongside the back 4.

Defenders should be released at 6pm GMT on Wednesday or Thursday this week, so we can expect a few days of upgrade packs and special challenges before he appears in the SBC section. Are you going to complete this SBC? Let us know in the comments.

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