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FIFA 22 FUT Birthday: top leakers confirm next promo!

Written by Stakester
1 Mar, 2022

@FutSheriff has once again come in clutch with FIFA leaks regarding the upcoming FUT promo.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team has been the dream game for anyone with a short attention span! It seems like every week there is a shiny new promotion for us to get our hands on, and this week is no different. If @FutSheriff is correct, then the next promotion is going to be the much anticipated FIFA 22 FUT Birthday. 

What is FIFA 22 FUT Birthday?

The FUT Birthday promotion is EA Sports’ annual Spring celebration of the creation of FIFA Ultimate Team. The game mode was originally released in 2009, meaning that this year marks the 13th anniversary of FUT!

In the promotion, two teams of FUT Birthday players will become available in packs. The players are usually a mix of fan favourites from previous editions, with the difference being that they’ll receive boosts to their stats – if FUT 22 follows FIFA 21’s example, then these cards will also get 5 star weak foot or skills!

FUT Birthday SBCs and Objectives

Just like most promos, we’ll see the release of player Squad Building Challenges and objectives that we can complete to unlock extra players. Just like those in packs, they will also receive the stat and skill/weak foot boosts.

What we’ve heard so far

The token system is back! This is a fan favourite as it gives all FIFA players the chance to earn themselves a promo card. The token system hasn’t been used for FUT Birthdays in previous games, but it’s already been seen in Icon Swaps and Future Stars so far in FIFA 22, making this an almost nailed on prediction.

When is FIFA 22 FUT Birthday?

In previous years, the release date has always been around the final week of March. But, a number of Twitter leakers are earmarking the first Friday in March as the start date – so this could be a waiting game.

It’s worth noting that last year SBCs had leaked well in advance of the start date, and that could be why FUT Birthday is already being confirmed in leaks.

FUT Birthday players

At the moment, a lot of the players doing the rounds on social media are only predictions, and it’s probably going to be a while before we see any confirmed leaks.

However, @FutSheriff has posted a cryptic Tweet that reads “Lu lu lu, Lukas Podolski”, this could just be a reference to FIFA 21’s 90 rated FUT Birthday Podolski card, or it could be a hint, we’ll let you decide…

Players we want to see

Pepe – 5* Weak Foot – a boosted Pepe with an increase on his already respectable (and slightly unbelievable) 80 pace and 5* WF would be a great addition to the promo!

Silas – 5* Weak Foot – Silas looks like he has the potential to go onto great things in the footballing world, but his FIFA card is lacking so far. Giving Silas a heavy boost so that his pace and dribbling are in the 90s and slapping a 5* weak foot on him would be a recipe for excitement!

Joel Matip – 5* Skill Moves Striker – because who wouldn’t want to see this friendly giant from the Premier League absolutely bossing it at the front of your attack?!

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