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FIFA 22 FUT Champs: full tactics loadout to win more games

Written by Stakester
18 Feb, 2022

Shoutout to NealGuides and AussieFifa HD who inspired this blog piece, make sure to check their videos out for more in depth tactics talk. 

In FUT Champions tactics win matches, players decide by how much. In the sweaty, heat of battle you need a preset game plan for every situation. Whether you need to hold a lead for the final 10 mins, or put your team on full send to try and pull off a comeback, you need to have your tactics ready before the game starts. That’s why we’ve put together a FUT Champs tactics loadout to win more games and climb through the ranks and rewards.

We’ll start at the back and then work our way to an all out attack set up. Here we go!

Ultra defensive: 5-3-2


When you’re two or more goals ahead with a few mins to go, this 5 at the back formation can come in very handy in FIFA Ultimate Team! Having 3 CBs is a massive help, as one can shoot out of the line to pressure the ball carrier and you still have two holding the line. 

You want to soak up the press, so set your defensive style to drop back. Set your depth a bit narrower (we like 40) so your full backs tuck in and defend the key areas. Going forward, slow build up means you will maintain lots of options to keep the ball, and forward runs will give you a chance to release pressure with counter attacks. 

Player Instructions

Set two of your midfielders to defensive instructions (cut passing lanes, stay back while attacking and cover centre) and they’ll act as the perfect midfield screen. Leave the third on balanced to help your STs hold it up when you win it back.

Set your RB and LB to stay back while attacking, but don’t be afraid to trigger runs with L1 to send them up the field and provide an out ball. You’ll find they are often unmarked, and they can get up the field quickly to support your STs.

Defensive: 4-2-3-1 (wide) 

This is probably the single most effective and versatile formation in the game. So, we’re going to go into a bit of a deep dive on this one. 

Defensive tactics

First up, your defensive style should be set to balanced; this allows you to manually press using right stick switching and second man press. If you’re not confident about pressing, pressure on heavy touch can help – but you need to be careful, players will shoot out of position when you don’t expect it.

Next, increase your defensive width slightly to 52 – you don’t want to give opponents too many opportunities to get around the outside, and you want to make sure the gap between full back and CB is plugged.

Depth can be set anywhere between 60–70. Keeping it around that 60 mark will ensure you don’t get caught on the counter attack quite as much, while 70 allows you to push up and win the ball.  

Offensive tactics

For build up play, stick to balanced and make sure you trigger runs with L1. Getting the ball up the pitch as fast as possible is definitely the META this year, so be careful not to get caught in midfield. 

If you are very attack minded, you can use long ball so your players all make runs in behind automatically. But, it can leave you short of options when you miss the first pass and they’re all stuck high up the pitch.

Set chance creation to balanced too – it’s much handier to know where your players are going to be, rather than having them make runs into spaces you just don’t want to use. You can manually trigger runs using R1 (come short) and L1 (get in behind) instead.

Offensive width should be left at 50 – using the 4-2-3-1 (wide) formation means it’s already easy enough to spread the play.

Leave players in the box at 4 – even try less if you can manage to create attacks. We all know just how easy it is to be hit on the counter this year, so try to avoid committing too many players forward. Set corners to 2 so that one of your players will sit just outside of the 18 yard box, ready to collect the ball and then cross into the 18 yard box.

Player Instructions

This formation is a great all-rounder – ideal for starting a game, holding a lead or just controlling the pace. When you get comfortable, you can tweak player instructions to make it more attacking or more defensive. 

Always set both fullbacks to stay back while attacking, you can trigger runs with L1 to override this when you want. Set both CDMs to cut passing lanes, stay back while attacking and cover centre – this will give you great cover in midfield.

Set your ST to stay forward, and leave the CAM, RAM and LAM on balanced. For a more attacking approach, set the CAM to stay forward. For a defensive boost, set the RAM and LAM to come back on defence.

Balanced: use for Chem

Forget this in-game. This is all about max chem to start. Use position modifiers to get the most out of your squad.

Attacking: 3-5-2

This formation is amazing in attack: you can flood players forward and overwhelm your opponent, you can press high and win it back and you can pin them in their own box. The CAM and two STs allow for amazing triangles and your RM and LM hold the width.

It’s also surprisingly solid in defence with the right setup: one of your LM and RMs can operate as a full back. Your two CDMs are also great cover for the three CBs.

Ultra attacking 4-2-4

This is it: the hail mary, the full send. Only use this when you’re chasing a comeback – it will drain your stamina, so it’s only good for about 20 mins. It operates as very attacking 4-4-2 with the right tactics, which we have for you here courtesy of Neal Guides.


It’s time for constant pressure: it’s just horrible to play against and it makes people panic.

Push your defensive width to 75 and depth to 70. You want to win the ball high up the pitch and you want your players to press out wide when your opponent has the ball so they can’t just pass around you.

Going forward, we want 75 width. Set build up play to long ball and chance creation to forward runs. Every time you get the ball, your whole team is going to be sprinting forward to get into the box.

Bump players in the box up to 7 or 8. But, such is the power of the counter, we’d recommend leaving corners and free kicks on 2. If you’re this desperate to score, then you definitely can’t concede.

Player Instructions

This is where things get interesting: set your LM and RM to come back on defence, get in behind and get in the box for cross. They will do everything. Set the two STs to stay forward and aggressive interceptions – they’ll help you pick the ball up in dangerous areas.

Set both CMs to get forward, get into the box for cross and cover centre. Then, sub on attacking players for your CMs: just like that, you’ve got four up front. Leave your full backs on stay back while attacking and trigger runs when it suits, someone has to mind the shop!

Good luck in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Try this loadout in your next FIFA 22 FUT Champions weekend and see if we manage to help you win more games. Let us know how you get on on Twitter!

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