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FIFA 22 FUT Champs tactics: get more wins during TOTS

Written by Stakester
13 May, 2022

Neal Guides has dropped the ultimate TOTS tactics loadout – we’ve got the details with some analysis that explains why these changes will get you more wins.

First up, hats off to Neal Guides: is there a better FIFA YouTuber in terms of practical advice and tips for regular players? We don’t think so! His video above tells you everything you need to know to set your team up for success during TOTS. But, if you can’t watch or haven’t got the time for a 10 minute video, we’ve got all of the highlights of his custom tactics for you down below. Here’s our FIFA 22 FUT Champs tactics loadout for TOTS:

Ultra Defensive: 4-3-3 (3)

FUT Champs tactics: ultra defensive formation

Tldr; beat the press and close out the game. Neal’s tactics setup allows you to play with a back 5 and two CDMs. There is no other formation in the game that gives you that much defensive cover. This gives you two advantages: plenty of bodies in defence and plenty of passing options when your opponent inevitably turns on constant pressure.

FUT Champs ultra defensive tactics

Neal’s tactics ensure your defence sits deep, avoiding those spammy lofted through balls. By setting build up play to “slow build up” you also stop your players from running away from the ball when you gain possession. That means you have lots of passing options available even when you’re being pressed.

For player instructions, set your whole back line to “stay back while attacking”, “conservative interceptions” and “overlap”. That means they won’t come forward unless you ask them to. Set your LW and RW to “come back on defence” and “stay wide” so they give you an outball, but help out defensively. Set your CM and CDMs like this:

Ultra defensive CM instructions
Ultra defensive CDM instructions

This formation is guaranteed to help when you’re trying to close out a difficult match. Staying calm under pressure however, is on you.

Defensive: 4-2-3-1

This is the most versatile formation in Ultimate Team, and probably the most solid formation that allows you to attack freely. The two CDMs create a good screen in front of the back four – leave the CBs at default and set your LB and RB to “stay back while attacking”, “conservative interceptions” and “overlap” as usual. 

FUT Champs tactics defensive formation

The CAM is where you start to see the versatility: set them to “stay forward” to effectively play with two up front, or set them to “come back on defence” to fill the gap between the forward line and the CDMs. The two CDMs should be set like this:

Defensive CDM instructions

These player instructions will ensure they screen and cover the defence. You can set one of them to “balanced” attacking support if you need to get more players into the box. 

FUT Champs tactics defensive tactics

Tactics-wise, this one is pretty simple: balanced tactics with a deep defensive line. Then you want “long ball” for build up and “forward runs” for chance creation to ensure that you have enough options while attacking. 

Attacking: 3-5-2

FUT Champs tactics attacking formation

According to Neal, this is the most meta formation in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. The wing-backs give you amazing cover up and down, while the high number of players in the attacking third means you can press really high manually. Meanwhile, you’ve still got those two CDMs for defensive coverage when you need them.

FUT Champs tactics attacking tactics

In terms of tactics, you’ve got “long ball” set for build up play and “forward runs” set for chance creation – that means your players will get forward for attacks without you having to manually trigger too many forward runs. Even with this attacking formation, you need to make sure you set corners and free kicks to one, to avoid getting countered too often.

Attacking LM instructions

An important nuance that Neil picked up on is the need to set your wingers to “Get into the box for cross”. This means that when you attack down one wing, the winger on the far side will get into the box and usually provide a free man at the back post, or an overlap that you can hit with a through ball.

Attacking ST instructions

This is a good time to talk STs: no matter what formation you play, these are the meta player instructions. You want fast players trying to get in behind through the middle – if you let your STs stray wide, or come back on defence, you can risk ending up with no options in the middle of the field.

Ultra attacking: 4-4-2

FUT Champs tactics ultra attacking formation

Mike Bassett would be proud! When you need a goal, go four four f**king two. This one is the full send, everyone getting forward when you have the ball and back when you lose it. The decision you have to make here is whether to go “constant pressure” or “press after possession loss”.

FUT Champs tactics ultra attacking tactics

Neal recommends the second option, because the immediate press after losing the ball often takes opponents by surprise. You’ll find it allows you to win the ball more effectively than “constant pressure” and it doesn’t leave your team scattered all over the field quite as badly.

Ultra attacking CM instructions

One of your CMs needs to be on “balanced”, so he can get forward and help out your attackers when you’ve got the ball. Cover centre is also crucial, or else you’ll be left with huge gaps in the centre of the field.

Ultra attacking LM instructions

Your LM and RM need to be set to “come back on defence”, and “get into the box for cross”. That way they’ll be flying up and down the touchline to help you out when you need them the most. By the way, don’t use Jonathan Bamba, we just happened to have him in the club. He sucks.

Ultra attacking ST instructions

Just like your left and right mids, you need your STs coming back when you lose the ball. They’ll pressure your opponents CM/CDMs and win the ball back for you time and again. 

FIFA 22 FUT Champs tactics loadout for TOTS

Premiership TOTS might be out of the way, but there’s still the Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga and the overall TOTS to go. You will not run out of sweaty Weekend League games to try these in. Good luck out there!

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