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FIFA 22 FUT Freeze Leaks: W or L?

Written by Stakester
8 Dec, 2021

The entire FUT Freeze squad leaked on Sunday night, in the earliest leak of the season so far, but are leaks good or bad for the community?

On Sunday night, @ImADuckQuackk caused a bit of a stir on Twitter when they leaked the full FUT Freeze squad. It’s fair to say that the post split the room, and some of the top voices in the FIFA space chimed in with their take. It’s safe to say that Duck might have lost a few friends here, but was it really all that bad? And should he shoulder all of the responsibility?

The leak

On Sunday, one brave Twitter influencer threw caution to the wind and revealed the list of 11 names that are set to be involved in the FIFA Ultimate Team Freeze promotion, including the likes of Rashford, Traore and Valverde. @ImADuckQuackk wasn’t shy about it either – he boldly announced “I want some of that leak clout” – which drew criticism in the comments ( more on that later!) 

@ImADuckQuackk was recently hit with a FIFA ban and had his coins confiscated. But instead of doing what most of us would do and grovelling for forgiveness from EA, the Duck Man (we can’t keep typing the full name out…) truly stuck it to the man and decided to leak their highly anticipated promotion instead!

The Reaction

It’s safe to say that the other FIFA influencers were NOT happy. In some ways it’s understandable – these guys spend hours on whole content plans that centre around FUT promo predictions, and having a promo leaked a whole 5 days early, rather than the normal 1-2 days, kills that opportunity. 

But at the end of the day, follower growth and engagement is the aim of the game for any FIFA influencer, so we’re not sure about calling someone out for chasing clout!

And it really did make some waves, MattHDGamer announced to his 800k followers that it would be great if promo players weren’t leaked a week early – so it’s safe to say the Duck caught the attention of the big dogs.

The consequences of the leak

The number one issue with leaks of this nature is that it can spoil the fun. After all, the reason that FIFA is hyper successful is first and foremost because it’s entertaining – and part of that entertainment is looking forward to 6pm on a Friday when the rumour mill finally ends and we get to see the highly anticipated promo! If we accidentally see a leak on our social feed, then that is taken away from us. Obviously this isn’t always the case – we know some of you love the leaks, and let’s face it, the buzz a leak can create is sometimes better than the promo announcement!

The other issue is that premature leaks allow for market manipulation. For example OoP trading (out of packs), which sees the price of a promo players’ gold cards skyrocket when people realise they’ll be out of packs for at least a week. Similarly, link trading becomes a much bigger issue if there is an earlier leak, as the price of players who link well with promo players will also begin to climb!

However, we’d argue that a leak could actually be a good thing in this case – at least the whole player base knows which players will be increasing in price, instead of a select few who can take all the profits for themselves!

The real culprit

It’s very easy to lay the blame at the feet of the influencers that are leaking content, but when you take a look at the bigger picture, we think EA needs to take more of the responsibility.

It’s unlikely we’ll ever find out the source of the leaks – whether they are intentional on EA’s part, or if it’s just an overly excited employee who can’t wait to tell his mates about what is coming next! But either way, this leak debate wouldn’t even be a debate if EA kept tight-lipped until the last minute instead.

The verdict ISN’T in

So the question still remains, does leaking ruin the hype, or is it actually a good thing that generates interest and allows us to plan better? Either way, it’s probably something that will carry on for years to come, so let us know if you’re a fan or not!

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