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FIFA 22 FUTTIES: new leaks ahead of the promotion

Written by Stakester
13 Jul, 2022

You’ll be getting your chance to vote for the players you think deserve a special card!

FUTTIES has been a feature of Ultimate Team since way back in FIFA 15, and the tradition continues this Friday when the promo arrives in FIFA 22. Last year, we saw some world-beating cards, including a 99 overall Messi. What’s great about the FUTTIES promo is its awards-style format – we get to vote for players from specific categories, and the players with the most votes are rewarded with the special card.

When is FUTTIES released?

Originally, @FutSheriff had leaked that the release date of the FUTTIES event would be the 8th of July. But, we all know that was when we received a record fourth instalment of the Shapeshifters promo. So, it’s now widely accepted that FUTTIES will arrive this Friday, on the 15th of July.

Fut Sheriff has also had confirmation that this promotion will be running for a massive FIVE weeks – whether you think that is a good thing is up to you, but it means we’ll certainly be seeing some juiced up cards.

FUTTIES Premier League Cup

There is also a cup that will run alongside the main promotion. The FUTTIES Premier League Cup looks as though it will consist of 26 to 30 games, depending on the amount of wins that you record, you’ll get one of a number of player picks.

The prizes range from an 84+ player pick for racking up 3 wins, all the way to a 92+ Shapeshifters, TOTS or Hero Shapeshifters player pick for the best of FIFA players.

FUTTIE player predictions

Confirmed leaks are likely to start coming out very soon, but for now, there are a few names that we can have an educated guess at!

Varane – this man has only had 2 special cards in FIFA 22, but one of them was his hugely popular Flashback Squad Building Challenge card, which came in at an average of 1.1 million to complete. A FUTTIES Varane would be hugely popular, with an even better boost to his already insane pace, defence and physical stats.

Lacroix – another defender who has been hugely popular throughout FIFA 22 is Lacroix. At the start of the game, it was his pace that made his gold card so popular, but with a FUTTIES boost, you can expect him to be in high demand for his all-round ability.

Mahrez – Man City’s wide man has been very popular this year, racking up over 10 million games across all of his cards. It’s our bet that FIFA fans would love to see him receive an unreal end-game card that you can dominate with from this promo onwards!

Iñaki Williams – we’d love to see this lad receive a card – but we’re hoping he receives his first Ghanian card after he announced he will be changing nations ahead of the world cup!

Tolisso – Bayern’s French midfielder made it all the way to 90 overall with his RTTF card, but now, 90 just doesn’t cut it. A new and improved card would go down a treat, and really help with the promo’s hype. His French links would also make him an ideal fit for almost any team.


FUT Sheriff recently promised that EA Sports would be making this promo “epic”, and here’s a feature that keeps that promise! Premium FUTTIES will be even more impressive cards, and it’s their chemistry style that really makes them special; just like FUT Heroes, they’ll receive a green link to anyone who is in their league!

Check back to find out when the FUTTIES nominees and FUTTIES voting is announced.

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