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FIFA 22 Headliners: leaks, Mbappe confirmed, plus Van Dijk

Written by Stakester
30 Dec, 2021

The Headliners Promo drops at 6pm on Friday, with performance-based upgrades coming on some top meta cards. Thanks to @FUTSherriff for the leaks and stats.

Mbappe Headliners Concept Card

The Headliners headliner: confirmed stats

Thanks to @FUTSherriff, we know what the top card will be for the FUT 22 Headliners promo – and we know exactly what he’ll look like. This outrageous Kylian Mbappe card is a game breaker, with maxed out pace, and top tier dribbling and shooting stats. Imagine the terror when you see this on a FUT Champs match loading screen.

He’s always going to get TOTW cards and his club – Paris Saint Germain – are also sure to meet the win requirements of the promo, so he’s all but guaranteed a tasty upgrade. A 95 Mbappe at this stage of the game cycle is FUT heaven for anyone lucky enough to pack him. 

FIFA 22 Headliners Team 1 in full

Leaks are part and parcel of the game in FUT 22, so we already know the full team that will appear in packs on Friday. With Kylian Mbappe, Virgil Van Dijk, Koulibaly and Nkunku (has anyone ever had this many special cards?) making up the top tier.

Gnabry, Acuna, Reece James and Carrasco make up the next level of the promo – all of which should be seriously usable and very linkable cards for your squad. They might even be affordable for most players! Pace upgrades for Acuna and James bring them to that usable level – and Gnabry looks like a really fun card! We’re getting flashbacks to his OP Freeze item from last season. Plus, Bayern will easily reach whatever win threshold is needed for an extra upgrade. 

Luiz Diaz, Savanier and Sangare make up the lower level of the Headliners cards: with the best will in the world, these guys will all likely be at discard price within a week – so don’t get too caught up in the hype. 

How does Headliners work?

Like the OTW promo from earlier in the season, Headliners gives players a performance based upgrade. If they make TOTW they’ll get a +1 and if their team wins a certain number of matches (5 in FIFA 21) they’re likely to get another one-off +1 upgrade. 

Just like Lionel Messi’s OTW card has been upgraded to a 95 from a 93, Headliners cards can expect a big boost if the player performs well IRL. In FIFA 21, the Headliners players included a Mahrez SBC, which only cost 189k and went from 87–91. So there is serious value in this promo if you choose your player right. 

Unlike OTW however, their base stat will be +1 on their gold card – so even if they get injured and never make TOTW, or their team goes on a historic losing streak – you’ve still got an upgraded version of the card. Check here to see how the upgrades worked last year.

Recordbreaker and Showdown SBC on the way

It’s not just FIFA 22 Headliners this week! With Chelsea and Liverpool facing off on Sunday, we could be in for an exciting match. And an interesting showdown SBC! It’s Matteo Kovacic vs Naby Keita, and whoever gets the upgrade is sure to be an OP option in midfield. 

Both will likely have great pace, passing and dribbling stats for CMs. And, if Chelsea or Liverpool FC manage to win the game (our money’s on Jurgen Klopp’s men), that +2 upgrade would make either a strong option for any Prem squad. Linking them in a hybrid team might just be a bit harder, but we’ll leave that to you!

If you did Winter Wildcards Zaha, then the upcoming Record Breakers SBC is made for you! Odsonne Edouard (who had a 🔥 TOTS card last year) could be in for another super special item. No stats confirmed yet, but he’s going to be quick – and he can easily link to a French or a Prem team.

Follow us on Twitter for all of the latest FUT news, leaks and rumours. Happy New Year from Stakeser!

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