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FIFA 22 jockey glitch: plus how to manual jockey like a pro

Written by Stakester
8 Dec, 2021

Is the L2 button basically useless on its own? Neal Guides says yes!

Game changing glitch

Last night, Neal Guides dropped a game-changing video on his YouTube channel: apparently there’s a glitch in FIFA 22 that allows players to turn on assisted jockeying for competitive game modes. And it has been around for months!

Have you ever faced an opponent who just seemed impossible to break down – intercepting short passes in impossible ways, smashing into tackles and taking the ball every time, while your players seem to shoot past the attacker completely? Chances are they knew about the glitch.

But, now that the word is out, EA Sports are sure to patch this issue out of the game. So, make sure you watch/read to the end to get Neal’s tips on how to jockey your opponent the right way – and get the benefits.

How does it work?

It’s all in the video, but we’ve got a written breakdown here: assisted jockeying essentially works like player lock, allowing your defender to lock onto the attacker you want to tackle. It also slows the defender down as he approaches the attacking player, so you don’t accidentally overshoot and miss the ball completely.

To create more of a skill gap for defending in the game, manual jockeying is set as the default for all competitive modes in the game. When you go to controller settings, you can see that when the “competitive master switch” is set to “on”, all of the auto/assisted settings default to “off”. 

Bear with us, because this is the complicated part: Neal’s video says that if you go into controller settings, turn off the master switch and set jockeying to assisted, then turn the master switch back on, you will retain assisted jockeying – even though the settings appear to return to normal. You can then play competitive Ultimate Team modes with much easier defending controls.

So what’s the right way to manual jockey?

Neal’s theory is that the L2 (LT) button is basically useless on its own, because he has discovered that you can control the speed at which you jockey with the left stick. If you push the left stick fully in a particular direction and hold L2 and R2 (LT and RT), you’ll move at top speed, but if you only move the left stick slightly in that direction and hold L2 and R2, your player will slow down. 

This means that you can get the same effect as you would with the glitch, with clever use of the left stick. It’s definitely going to require some practice, but if you can manually slow your player with the left stick when you go to make a tackle, then you can hold L2 and R2 (LT and RT) constantly while defending.

Being able to defend while never letting go of the sprint button has obvious advantages. It’ll increase your ability to defend at speed, and allows you to control the pace with an entirely separate button. Neal’s recommendation is to learn to defend this way, so you retain the benefits after the glitch has been patched out of existence.

We’ll be trying it

Neal has earned a reputation as one of the best FIFA coaches in the game, having been ahead of the curve on the FB at CB meta (whatever you think about it!) and he predicts that this style of defending will be common among pros by next year. So, we think you can get ahead of the pack by adopting this style quickly, and you’ll be in a great position once the glitch is patched.

We can only assume that now the word is out, more creators will have their say – but for now, it seems like a no-brainer to apply this to your defensive playstyle.

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