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FIFA 22 La Liga TOTS Prediction Poll

Written by Stakester
17 May, 2022

This Friday is the release date for the La Liga TOTS squad – so we asked the Stakester community who they think makes the lineup this year. The headline? 98 TOTS Benzema incoming.   

La Liga used to be such a hype TOTS. We’re a long way from the glory days when Ronaldo, Messi, Nyemar, Iniesta and Ramos all used to routinely make the team. But, this year’s La Liga Team of the Season still has some juiced cards on offer! Time for the Stakester community’s FIFA 22 La Liga TOTS prediction.

Loving Los Blancos

Real Madrid won the league at a canter this year and they’ve dominated the prediction poll too! With Modric and Benzema proving that age is just a number, there has been a real romance about Madrid this year. We will see a couple of faces from around the league, but they are few and far between in your predictions.. 

GK – Courtois

In 35 league appearances for Real, Courtois has frustrated the opposition attackers and kept a clean sheet 15 times. Across the whole season, he’s only conceded 29 goals, routinely pulling off the kind of wonder saves that made prime Casillas famous in his heyday.

A TOTS card for Courtois will make him easily the best goalkeeper on offer for La Liga squads. None of us really want to pack keepers, but this guy will have a shout for best GK in the game. 

RB – Navas 

Navas is far from a spring chicken these days – at 36, he’s a real veteran of La Liga. However, that hasn’t stopped him getting into the La Liga TOTS; in 24 games, he’s helped his team keep 9 clean sheets, as well as providing three assists. 

A TOTS upgrade, and the pace boost that will bring, could put Navas right back on the META (no pun intended). His TOTY Hon. Mention & TOTS items last season were some of the best cheap RB options in the game and we expect this year to be no different. 

CB – Militao 

Militao has been an almost constant presence in a team which has run away with the league title this year. In 33 appearances, he has shored up the back line and helped keep 13 clean sheets. On top of that, he’s also assisted 3 times and scored one goal of his own.

His gold item was popular in the early stages of FIFA 22 – and his Numbers Up card has been a favourite for top players for a while now. With a TOTS upgrade, we’re going to see pace, defending and physicality in the 90s – meaning Militao will become a solid end game defender. 

CB – Koundé

Time for a FIFA 22 OG.  Sevilla’s Koundé has been crucial in the heart of their defence during this season’s top 4 push. He’s helped to keep 14 clean sheets, scored 2 goals and assisted another.

He has been a hugely popular item this year, with his promo cards racking up well over 5 million games each. A TOTS card would see a much needed improvement in his physical stats, as well as ensuring his pace and defending soar into the 90s. Look forward to him catching your STs for the next 6 weeks.

LB – Mendy

We think Jordi Alba has been a little hard done by here – and we think this is a FIFA-based vote! Mendy has had an injury-laiden season, appearing only 21 times, scoring 2 and assisting 2. Alba, on the other hand has 2 goals and 10 assists in 29 appearances. 

Mendy gets extra points for the goal line clearance of the year, but this is all about in-game pace and links. A TOTS card will see max pace, as well as physical stats well into the 90s. The man is just made for FIFA – sorry Jordi!

CDM – Casemiro 

This season, Casemiro has dominated the midfield and helped his defence to reach 13 clean sheets, as well as scoring once and assisting 4 more goals. Madrid have seen some great CDMs over the years, but he’s up there with the best of them.

Unless Casemiro receives a major pace boost, he’ll be one of the cheaper TOTS items. Top tier fodder is still fodder, but he might be fun for some long shots in any Brazil-based objectives.

CM – Modrić

At 36, Modrić has cemented himself as one of the legends of the game. The Ballon d’Or winner may be getting older, but he seems to get better and better. In the league, he appeared 27 times for Madrid this year, scoring 2 and assisting 8.

Modric should be a really meta item, but the lack of pace and acceleration usually lets him down. His Winter Wildcards item looked amazing – and it has racked up over 2 million games – but an endgame item with top tier pace would be really game-breaking. Could be a top tier red pick.

CM – Fekir

Time for a FIFA 22 OG: Nabil Fekir has dazzled in the attacking midfield role at Betis. He’s helped them achieve Europa league football (fingers crossed for another outrageous RTTK item next season) with 6 goals and 8 assists.

Fekir, his FUT Birthday card and the aforementioned RTTK item have been very popular on FIFA 22. With solid pace, attacking stats and physicality – he’s a very well-rounded card. With TOTS stats, Fekir will be one of the very best attacking midfielders in the game.

RW – Rodrygo 

We think Madrid’s Champions League run might’ve swung this vote for him, but this kid is definitely going to be a star. With just 4 goals and 5 assists in 32 games, he has a long way to go – but scoring a couple of crucial goals in a series of improbable comebacks against the best teams in Europe has to be worth a TOTS.

He’s got all of the right attributes to be a big name in FIFA too. Even this year, his RTTK card has over 14 million games played! Rodrygo’s TOTS card will surely be one of the most sought after cards in this team.

LW – Vinícius Júnior

Now this is a man with talent, and Madrid knows it. After scoring 17 and assisting 13 in the league this year, Real are offering him a 6 year contract extension with a one billion euro (yes, you read that right) release clause. It’s nice for some! 

You can expect maxed out pace as well as world class dribbling from Vini’s TOTS card. If EA decides to add in a bit of extra shooting then god help us all. His special cards this year have been pretty monstrous, with unpredictable dribbling and crazy agility. Expect a TOTS item to be top top top tier.

ST – Benzema 

At 34 years old, Benzema is ageing like a fine French wine. In 31 league appearances this year, the French striker has scored a league-leading 27 and assisted another 12. He’s carried Madrid through the Champions League, scoring 15 goals so far. In short, he has been a joy to watch, unless you’re Mathieu Valbuena. 

His TOTS card would need one thing: pace. And according to the good leaker FUTSherriff himself, he is getting it! A 95 pace Benzema is enough to give even Prime Icon CBs nightmares: Up there with Vini for pull of the promo. 

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