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FIFA 22 Leaks: All of the Latest Developments

Written by Stakester
28 Jul, 2021

The last week has been a whirlwind for FIFA news. It seems like we’re starting to get some genuine insight into what the next instalment of FIFA will look like, as well as how the game might actually feel to play. As always, we’re bringing you everything you need to know in one easy place โ€“ so let’s see what we have this week!

HyperMotion Explained

It seems like HyperMotion is going to massively increase the intelligence of the in-game AI, something which we’ve all been calling for for some time. This season, your players will truly act as a team, moving up and down the pitch in one fluid motion.

Now for the sciencey bit โ€“ a combination of AI and 11v11 motion capture, plus over 4000 new animations, means some players will be able to make up to 6 more decisions per second. This all sounds quite impressive โ€“ until you remember that your 90 rated striker is still going to miss sitters from 10 yards!

Increased Reality

Away from AI, other aspects of our favourite football game look to be improving. One of those areas is player humanisation, meaning that players will now talk, argue and more during the games โ€“ here’s hoping it’s a bit cleaner than our local Sunday league’s arguing!

The fans are also developing and it’s now rumoured that if you’re playing poorly, the 12th man might just leave you high and dry! We’ve seen something slightly similar in career mode where poor performances lead to lower attendance, but seeing the fans up and leave mid-match is going to be quite a sight!

Away from players and fans, game analytics look set to receive a polishing. From October 1st, we’ll be seeing more in-depth stats like expected goals and heat maps โ€“ this one’s going to create some great talking points when you go head to head with your mates!

The Voice of Doubt

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though; some FIFA fans have pointed out that new features such as Explosive Sprint and player humanisation may cause more problems for FUT than they’re worth. But we prefer to look on the bright side of life and back the developers to release a top notch game. Yes, there’ll be a few bugs in the early days, but that’s nothing new, it’s standard for every new release โ€“ added realism can only lead to a more immersive experience!

FUT Heroes

Heroes will be adding a new twist to the game. Now, you’ll have to complete challenges to “unlock” the players card. For example, if you wanted to get Solskjรฆr’s card, then you might have to recreate his late winner against Bayern in the Champions League final.

At this time, it’s unclear whether we will be taking part in actual recreation games or whether we will be completing challenges within normal games e.g. “score a goal in the 92nd minute”. Either way, this adds a fun new twist to Ultimate Team and possibly means that some top rated cards will be more easily available.

Alex Scott Makes History

Female broadcasters and commentators have been providing great insight on some of the biggest games for years now. FIFA in comparison has been a bit behind the curve and we probably should have seen female commentators in the game by now.

But the good news is the wait is over, as Alex Scott has been confirmed as the first English speaking female to be making an appearance in the game! This is a well deserved move for a top class pundit and we can’t wait to see her in the game.

The Pro Scene

If you’re truly one of the best of the best, then your FIFA experience looks set to be overhauled when the new game drops. FIFA 22 will be receiving an Elite Division for pros and, outside of FUT Champs, this will keep pros and casual players separated โ€“ good news for us! Interestingly, pro players can’t be relegated from the Elite Division. Instead, the division will be used for placement in esports competitions, so now we’re set to see a true collaboration between EA and third party tournaments!

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