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FIFA 22 Leaks: reactions to the Beta version

Written by Stakester
13 Aug, 2021

The FIFA 22 Beta is back! None of us here at Stakester got an invite (thanks EA Sports!) but we’ve collected all of the best reactions so you can get a feel for the new game. 

Today, the FIFA gods sent out closed beta codes to a select few lucky players who get to be the guinea pigs for FIFA 22. If this all feels a bit Groundhog Day to you, that’s because we’ve been through this already this year. After an aborted beta earlier this summer, it’s time for round 2.

All of the talk is centred around one team: PSG. The new Galaticos have assembled probably the greatest ever FIFA team – from signing the best player to ever live, to OP classics like Ramos and Hakimi. Needless to say, we’re expecting these players to feature heavily in FUT and PSG to feature heavily everywhere else. 

The year of le sweats

So, how did the FIFA 22 Closed Beta 2.0 go down? From where we’re sitting, we saw lots of chat, lots of content leaked online – and by all accounts – lots of angry takedowns from EA. Either way, many people who were granted access are talking about the game and it’s fair to say that it has split opinion. But, as we all know, there are three certainties in life: death, taxes and…

Here we go again

If you’re a FUT Champs fan, you’re getting ready for the opening weeks of overpriced base cards and the return of serious Weekend League. We now know that the 30 game grind is a thing of the past, and qualification will be harder than ever. That being said, we all know which base cards we want to pick up in week 1. The only question is: Premier League or Ligue 1?

FIFA 21 attracted a lot of criticism for what a lot of players perceived as patchy gameplay. The early reviews are in and they’re good! Lots of us are well used to the pattern of a looser game at the beginning of the cycle that gets patched into oblivion, but the early feeling of optimism is always nice! Like the start of a season which you know will end in relegation – but you can ignore that until March!

The game has been praised for its slower buildup and general style of play. Player movement is apparently more fluid and the new mechanics which allow your AI controlled players to move as a team seems to be working at this stage. What most of us wanted to see was change – we can forgive new features that don’t work as long as there’s a clear step in the right direction, and this player certainly thinks we have seen that in the Beta.

Extra, extra

There’s also the usual pointless additional features that nobody asked for. We’ve got mascots (we didn’t want to embed it and draw attention, but… wut?) and skin fades included in the game for the very first time! While some players may be annoyed by these extras, we think it’s a classic component for any new FIFA release and we’re here for it. 

Unfortunately, not everyone can receive an email. And it seems that it doesn’t matter if you’re a big name, you can still find yourself standing out in the cold waiting for the release date. With Ultimate Team, Career Mode both set for a revamp, everyone’s trying to get in on the action. The randomness of the process has left some scratching their heads. If famously loving FIFA isn’t enough, then what is?

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