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FIFA 22 Leaks: Career Mode’s biggest update ever!

Written by Stakester
6 Aug, 2021

It was the question on many FIFA fans’ lips – would a move to Next Gen consoles mean a total overhaul of FIFA 22? For Career Mode at least, the answer is a massive yes! The next edition of the video game is set to give the offline game mode a long-overdue makeover, and we’ve got all of the details from the pitch notes here!

The trailer reveals all

Create a Club – this is one of the hottest features landing in FIFA 22 Career Mode! Players will be able to create a club from the ground up, designing kits and crests, having full control over stadium development and also choosing which country/league you would like to begin your journey in. Imagine how sweet the feeling will be to take your very own club on a journey to Champions League glory. Some fans have pointed out that this was a feature back in FIFA 11’s Creation Centre, but the less said about that the better…

Player Growth – many new ways to level up in Be a Pro. Match objectives, if completed, look as if they’ll give us boosts in our development. We’ll also see the introduction of skill trees (which hopefully sees us wave goodbye to the grind of challenges like “score 200 goals”). And finally we’re going to see substitute appearances! You’ll need to improve your manager rating in order to rise through the ranks from reserve to first team player – which makes us wonder, will we see the captain’s armband return to Be a Pro?

Alex Scott – we’ve covered this one before, but in the FIFA 22 Career Mode trailer we actually hear Alex Scott’s commentary for the first ever time! What better way to answer the weird criticisms of non-entity former politicians than by making history as the first woman to commentate on a FIFA game?

A new girl on the block


EA have gone a long way towards improving inclusivity in FIFA 22. This year, we’ll be seeing Pro Clubs develop so that you can create female pros and even full female teams. We think this is a great addition and long overdue, given the speed with which the women’s game is increasing in popularity year on year! At this point, we’re unsure whether there will be separate female Pro Clubs divisions or whether the two categories will be combined.

Expected goals

This leak from @xGPhilosophy shows us a sneak peak of the upcoming Expected Goals statistic that has been rumoured for some time. We aren’t quite sure how it works yet – will we see expected goals before kickoff? Or will it update as the game goes on? It’s all a bit unclear at the moment (like xG itself to most football fans).

But what we can confirm is that telling us we’ll score 4.7 goals, after we’ve scored 5 goals, isn’t exactly rocket science…

Disable Celebrations

One for all you scorers of 93rd minute winners out there – or more accurately your opposition! You’ll be able to disable your opponent’s celebrations. That means no more salty or toxic dances and mimes if you don’t want to see them! Personally, we think the celebrations add to the fun of the game, but we guess EA must be getting worried about all of the controllers that are getting smashed out there!

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