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FIFA 22 Leaks: Some of the Biggest News to Date!

Written by Stakester
15 Jul, 2021

This week has seen some of the biggest leak developments since the rumour mill first started to turn a few months back! We’ve been collecting all of the most reputable leaks from social media and we’ve put them in one very handy, extremely well-written article for your enjoyment. Jokes aside, let’s get into it! 

Weekend League’s Overhaul

Let’s be honest, if you aren’t a pro player – 30 games in a weekend is just a grind. But it appears that the FIFA Gods have finally seen some sense and given us a 20 game Weekend League. Now you can play and you might actually see some sunlight on your days off. We think this’ll go a long way to getting us all to fall back in love with the most competitive game mode around. 

However, there is an update that some of you guys might find slightly annoying – weekly qualification is returning. You’ll no longer be able to rack up wins in Rivals to gain entry to FUT Champs and massively, 11 wins in a weekend will no longer secure your entry for the following week’s competition. This will most likely see fewer people actually qualifying for FUT Champs, and the talent you face is likely to be of a much higher calibre. This is no problem if you back yourself as one of the GOATs, but if you struggle to qualify already you might find yourself left on the bench. 

Rewards are also getting a revamp! Now you’ll know what you’re playing for when you qualify – imagine that! . The new format will see everyone receive the same player, but there’s a real incentive to place higher –  the higher you rank, the higher the player’s rating. But don’t worry, packs aren’t going anywhere just yet…

Believe the Rumours?

Monthly Champs reward packs are back. Like some of the great managers of football, these packs took a little hiatus from the game after FIFA 18, but it looks like they’re back. Originally replaced by the red player picks, it seems like we’ll be getting our hands on packs based on the cumulative outcome of our performances across a month of Champs.

In unsurprising news that will affect almost none of you reading this, the Pro FIFA scene is expected to be fully based on the PS5. We assume this is going to annoy Xbox Pros, but deep down we all know Playstation would win the latest round of the console wars…

And perhaps the most exciting rumour of all – drumroll please – FIFA is being made free to play from FIFA 23 onwards! It would follow the incredibly successful business model of the likes of Warzone and Fortnite by switching to a free to play format and we could see this working amazingly for Ultimate Team. We just worry how this might affect the players who prefer to play other modes such as Career and Pro Clubs – hopefully they’d still be part of the plans!

Finally! The End of Calcio A

Calcio A, Piemonte Calcio, Roma FC, La Spezia. Hopefully this news means we’ll never have to see those names again! It’s almost like a throwback from the old days of West Ham being called “Lake District” on PES – it’s honestly a mystery how they ever made that connection. 

With a new Serie A partnership, it might mean we’ll see the return of the authentic team names as well as their stadiums, but it’s worth noting the individual club contracts that still remain, so stay tuned.

Career Mode’s Breath of Fresh Air

We already covered the announcement of Create a Club, but even more exciting information has dropped on the Xbox website. It looks like you’ll be able to design a kit, badge and most importantly your stadium – something which has been called for in FIFA numerous times. 

Imagine taking your club from League 2 to the Champions League final, striking deals with kit sponsors and expanding your stadium along the way, bliss! Also, we predicted it – sort of.

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