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FIFA 22 Leaks: The Ultimate Team trailer has landed!

Written by Stakester
10 Aug, 2021

4pm on the 10/08/21 was a momentous occasion for all FIFA fans – the Ultimate Team trailer for the next edition of FIFA dropped! That can only mean one thing; the rumours are over and we can start to get excited about the imminent release of FIFA 22! We’ve got a full breakdown of all of the new features, but first, check out the video for yourself:

A Rivals overhaul

Rivals is going to be seeing some changes when the next game comes around, and while they may not be groundbreaking, they’re sure to improve upon an already solid game mode. 

Stages and Ranks – these features are set to become the building blocks of Rivals in FUT 22! Ranks are made up of two stages and to advance, you’ll need to win one game – but be careful, you can move back a stage just as easily by losing! 

You can increase the speed that you work through the ranks by going on win streaks. And luckily, you’re protected by checkpoints so you can’t spiral out of control if you have a bad day at the office. 

Seasons – as well as stages and ranks, there’ll also be seasons. Most importantly, this means that you’ll be raking in weekly rewards and seasonal rewards. You don’t even need to win games to earn seasonal rewards – result!

Elite Division – if you’re the best of the best, you’ll now be competing in an Elite Division. Not only does this mean that us mere mortals won’t have to get slapped by you on the regular (hallelujah), but it also means that your Rivals wins will now count towards your world ranking! If you rack up enough wins you might even qualify for the FIFA Global Series.

Goodbye 30 game grind

FUT Champs in FIFA 22 will finally answer the prayers of many players by reducing the game count to 20! But don’t celebrate just yet, because we’ll be seeing the return of the weekly playoff. That might mean that some of you may no longer qualify as easily for FUT’s most prestigious competition. 

For those of you who do qualify, you can bet on the 20 games being much more competitive and you’ll need an almost perfect record to achieve the top ranks.

FUT Heroes in action

We received a sneak peak of some of the FUT Heroes in action, as well as an update on how their chemistry will work in the game; it turns out that their chemistry will relate to the team that they performed heroically for – this means that unlike Icons, Heroes will link to other players from their old team’s league.

FUT Stadium

If you’re crazy about customising your Ultimate Team’s home stadium, then you’ll love this one! Even more customisation options are landing in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team – there’ll be a whole host of flags and banners to choose from, as well as even more tifos and statues. To make the design process even easier, EA have added in a search option for colour schemes, so you can really get your DIY on!

It doesn’t stop there though because a brand new VIP section is also being added into the game. Now you can finally attract the high-rolling prawn sandwich gang to your virtual games – god help us, is this what simulation football has really come to…

Volta Integration

In some of the most exciting news to come out of the trailer, Volta will be integrating into FUT through shared seasons… who are we trying to kid, this isn’t exciting.


Play with your mates

Through co-op public matchmaking, you’ll now be able to hop into FIFA Ultimate Team games alongside your mates and test out some of the best players and custom built teams in the game. We’re a big fan of this game mode as it lets you try out all of those players you’ll probably never pack in a relaxed environment with your friends (we’re sure some of you will still manage to smash a controller though!)

Ready for FIFA 22?

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