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FIFA 22 leaks: trailer has dropped, say hello to hypermotion

Written by Stakester
12 Jul, 2021

Mbappe is the cover star, you can create a club in career mode and you get free FIFA points if you preorder the Ultimate Edition.

It’s finally dropped! We’re not sure why EA chose to release the FIFA 22 trailer on the same day as the EURO 2020 final, but that’s exactly what they did. We got a bit caught up in the atmosphere yesterday, so today we’re slowly dusting ourselves off, drinking lots of coffee and bringing you everything you need to know about FIFA 22.

Hype in motion

We think we can all agree that this year’s reveal trailer takes it up a notch. Blending real life footage with corresponding scenes from the game, it’s all about the new hypermotion technology – which will only feature in the next gen versions of the game.

So what is it? Well, it’s a gameplay system powered by AI and machine learning – whatever that means! It also uses performance capture technology (which explains the weird body suits worn by Son, Trent and Mbappe in the video) to capture real-life characteristics and movements from real players. 

Machine learning should allow EA to analyse data from these players and use it to craft a much more realistic game. That means animations should be cleaner, and players could theoretically be bound by the laws of physics this time. If it works, this is surely going to take FIFA to the next level.

If you’re not on next gen, FIFA 22 will utilise a similar engine to FIFA 21. But, if you’ve bagged yourself a new console, it looks like the new game will be more realistic than ever before. Will it deliver a new level of football experience? We’ll have to wait to find out. 

Create a club

There’s been a lot of noise around online career mode, but it looks like nobody saw this coming! You can now start a club from scratch and take it to the glorious heights of the Champions League final. For career mode enthusiasts, this has been a long time coming and should add hours and hours of enjoyment next season.

Players’ social media has also been added as a feature, as EA Sports seek to add another dimension of realism to the game mode. And speaking of realism, one eagle-eyed fan spotted an update that really put a smile on our faces…

Free FIFA points – this is not a drill

One for the Ultimate Team players: if you pre order the Ultimate Edition this season you get 4600 FIFA points and a free Club Heroes card (though you have to wait until December before it arrives in your club). If you haven’t heard about Heroes yet, read this and we’ll catch you up!

Kylian the king 

We’re a bit late to the party here, but Kylian Mbappe is the cover star for the new game (we called it). It’s hardly a big surprise, he’s one of the most incredible talents in world football and he’s still only 22. And we have to say, he’s looking fresh.

Is the cover curse a thing?

Some fans have pointed out that previous FIFA cover stars often have a difficult year after appearing on the front of the game. Mbappe certainly went through some heartbreak after that penalty miss, but let’s hope that’s where the so-called “curse” starts and ends for him.

When can I get it?

Here are the important dates, but the most important piece of information is that you can pre order the game right now!

Release date: 1st October

Early access: 27th September

Web app/Play trial: 22nd September

Bored of FIFA 21?

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