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FIFA 22 leaks: unreal new formations for next season

Written by Stakester
30 Jun, 2021

A big FIFA news day as heat maps and xG are also expected to be added to the game next season. We think the new 5-4-1 could be one of the best FIFA formations yet.

We all know how important it is to get your formation right on Ultimate Team. A good set of tactics can easily turn a game in your favour. The debate over formations in FIFA 21 raged all season long – and now we have an idea of what that will look like for FIFA 22.

Variations on a theme

The new 3-5-1-1, 5-2-3 and 5-4-1 formations all seem geared toward a similar playstyle. Three at the back has made a real comeback in the real world of football this year, with Chelsea employing it expertly on their run to Champions League glory. 

5-2-3 seems like a classic counter attack formation: your opponents will need to get players forward to break you down and when you hit them on the break you’ll have three forwards waiting to pounce. 3-5-1-1 feels like a great option for your all out attack tactic. You’ll be exposed, but the combination of wingbacks and so many players in the middle will be hard to defend. But, we think we’ve saved the best until last…

The 5-4-1 offers a narrow diamond in midfield, leaving your fullbacks to offer the width. If you pick a DM who can run all day plus two quick full backs, you’ll have so much cover that it’s going to be very difficult to catch you on the break. With some ingenious player instructions, the diamond can easily change to two holding DMs and two more attacking creative players that you can use to support that lone striker. 

Can’t take the heat?

Heat maps are one of those TV innovations that say a lot and nothing at all at the same time. It helps to see where a player has been active on the pitch to get a feel for their performance, but how helpful is it when you’ve already controlled their every move? 

The one application we can see is it gives you another stat to lord over your mates after you’ve smashed them! Nothing says dominance like Toni Rudiger having 10 touches in the opposing penalty area.

xGon’ give it ya

Everyone’s favourite misunderstood stat, expected goals, is set to make an appearance next season. We’re not really sure how much, if anything, it will add to the game – but we suppose it gives you another thing to rage against when you lose 1-0 after peppering your opponent’s goal for 90 mins. 

It does make you wonder what will come in the future, EA Sports must be sitting on a treasure-trove of analytics tools and FIFA data and we think they could come out with some really great stats. Lifetime FUT stats page anyone?

Nutmegs nerfed

Would it be a FIFA skill move if it didn’t end up doing the opposite of what it’s supposed to? (Made up) statistics say that only one in ten directional nutmegs go anywhere near the opposing player’s legs, let alone in between them. But for now at least, the crazy speed boost has had its day. 

One for the purists

It takes a special kind of football fan to appreciate the National League and it looks like this is their day! Rumours are swirling that for the first time ever, we could see the National League feature on a FIFA game. We hope there’s a calibration for referees so we can enjoy some proper non-league, take no prisoners challenges.

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