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FIFA 22: META the pros don’t want you to know about

Written by Stakester
9 Nov, 2021

FIFA 22 has well and truly changed up the META in this year’s edition of the game. Last year in EA Sports’ FIFA 21, we saw fullbacks at centre back being used religiously by any FIFA player worth their salt. However, this year that has changed: instead the new META is converting strikers to centre mids! Here’s a breakdown of why and how you should use this tactic across all of Ultimate Team, whether that’s FUT Champions, Squad Battles or Division Rivals.

Why do strikers work so well in CM?

This one’s simple – some strikers’ stats just fit a central midfielder perfectly. They have high pace thanks to their base position and good physical and dribbling stats, so it’s easy to see why a striker can fit seamlessly into the middle of the park and often outperform the overpriced CMs in the game. That’s why playing strikers in the middle is the new FIFA 22 META.

So who should you use in CM?

The best players to use for this position change are strong strikers, and if they’re tall then it’s a bonus! This isn’t a must though, if there’s a player you simply like the feel of – or if it’s a world class player – then they’ll be able to do a job for you in the centre. Here are our suggestions:

Rulebreakers Haaland

this Haaland card is our favourite to use as a CM. If you put an engine chemistry style on him he’ll have almost 99 passing, his strength will be unparalleled and he carries over the 91 pace too! Admittedly, Haaland will be coming at some cost – although this weekend he almost halved in price to 500k – but he’s definitely worth a try in CM.

Silver Objectives Nteka

This one’s a bit of a wildcard and you’ll need to have completed the objectives to try this out, but second on our list is Nteka’s striker card. He has a very well-rounded card with pace shooting and dribbling all in the low 80s and a whopping 89 physical! He’d make a very decent box to box player with a Powerhouse chem style that brings his defending and passing up to speed.

Rulebreakers Ripart

This frenchman is another player with a great all-round card which makes him ideal to swap positions. Everyone of his stats is around the 80 mark, give or take a few points. That means you can apply any chem style depending on how you’d prefer to play him! Some of the pros loved this guy when his card came out – if he’s good enough for them then he’s good enough for us!


We’ve seen plenty of our opponents using Mbappe in the middle of their team and it’s easy to understand why – he’s been one of the META players since the game’s release. His card is a beast and can act as a real catalyst to build the attacks from your midfield. His defending is weak, but that’s to be expected – if you pair him with a solid CDM, you’ll have the best of both worlds!

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