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FIFA 22 Premier League TOTS Leaks: new TOTS packs & TOTS token swaps

Written by Stakester
6 May, 2022

Salah, Ronaldo and De Bruyne headline TOTS this year, we’ve got the whole team plus everything you need to know to pack the best players during the promo. Thanks to @FUTSheriff for the info and the graphics.

TOTS has really arrived now! The FIFA 22 Premier League team is probably the most hype release of the whole cycle, and this year looks like it won’t disappoint. So, to make sure you get the most out of the promo, we’ve put together a guide to everything you need to know about the FIFA 22 Premier League TOTS leaks so far.

FIFA 22 Premier League TOTS revealed

Imagine having some of these TOTS cards in your club! There are some absolute ballers in here, with Cristiano Ronaldo and Bernardo Silva looking especially good. The Manchester United striker is likely to be the most sought after card, but Salah, Mane De Bruyne and Son are going to be god tier up front as well! 

Bruno’s in (we won’t mention the war) and so is KDB if you need a CAM. But the midfielder we’re the most excited about is Manchester City’s Bernardo Silva: his RTTK card was absolutely insane in the early-game. If his TOTS card is similarly cracked he’s going to be so much fun to use in-game. 

The likely cheaper options include Diogo Jota, Declan Rice and Rodri. None of them will be top level, but they will give anyone in the FIFA community with less coins the chance to get a TOTS in their club. Based on the pack weights so far in FIFA 22, we think these guys will be pretty heavily packed. 

New packs

And speaking of packs, new ones have been added to the code for the promo! There’s an EFL TOTS player pack (don’t be tempted!) plus a five 83+ PL players pack (probably a better value choice). We’ve also got a new 92+ Icon Moments and 5, 7 and 10 rare Premier League players packs.

New players will see some value in the foundation & special Premier League packs, including two loan TOTS player picks. But, it looks like we’ll have to wait for any guaranteed Premier League TOTS player packs. We got one at the end of Community TOTS, so it’s definitely worth saving some fodder for that.

TOTS Tokens

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team has been all about token swaps systems! These popular additions to the promo calendar make it much easier to get your hands on promo cards. The TOTS promo is no exception, with lots of grindable rewards on offer for patient players.

With 25 swap tokens available (one from the store, of course!) the promo seems focused on the Premier League and Bundesliga squads. You can get a guaranteed prem player for 10 tokens, or a Bundesliga player for 9. Plus, our old friend the 84+x25 pack is back, for 15 tokens. Which will you choose?

Glory days of Dele

To celebrate his TOTS item in FIFA 17, Dele Alli is getting the Flashback treatment. Youngsters might not know this, but – long before he was best known for not listening to Jose Mourinho and dating Pep Guardiola’s daughter – Dele Alli looked like one of the best young talents in Europe.

So during TOTS, fodder-rich Spurs fans can relive that famous goal against Palace every time they play FIFA. For everyone else though, this card is probably one to miss.

Bank on Bukayo

Objective cards are a funny one: so many people do them that it takes away from the item’s value, but every now and again they’re OP. It’s hard to imagine that Saka will be one of them, but you’ll have to complete him to find out.

At best, he’ll be a great supersub and a free addition to your club. At the worst, he’ll cost a couple of hours of friendlies and you can always throw him in a big boy SBC. For us, he’s a win-win!

Team of the Season time

That’s all we’ve got for now! We hope you enjoy TOTS and manage to pack some top players – good luck out there. And if you’re playing weekend league remember: it’s going to be sweaty so make sure you take breaks and get outside in the sun. GG everyone!

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