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FIFA 22 Pro Clubs: Best end game winger build

Written by Stakester
22 Apr, 2022

We’ve had lots of time to craft our FIFA 22 Pro Clubs players, but if you’re looking for a change, here’s how to use your skill points to build a pacey winger!

It’s late in the game, and each one of your mates in your Pro Club has probably carved out their spot in the starting XI – but, maybe you should try mixing things up a little. If you’ve been the designated goalscorer, or the man in the middle of the park pulling the strings, maybe it’s time to give a new position a go? Our recommendation is this FIFA 22 Pro Clubs Winger Build!

The Position

There are a few options here, either you can play as an out and out winger, or you can choose to be more of a right/left forward.

If you choose RF/LF, you’ll still be able to play in that wide position, but it’ll give you a slight boost to attacking stats such as shooting (you’ll begin with 85 finishing off the bat) – think of a Mo Salah type build! But you’ll see your dribbling and pace take a hit.

Physical attributes

Height: 5’4 – being short adds more pace to your game whilst also ensuring that you have the agility to turn fullbacks inside-out when you’re dribbling past them on the wing!

Weight: 119 pounds – keeping yourself light and nimble helps with the pace. You’re sacrificing a lot of strength here, but you were never going to outmuscle a defender as a pacey winger anyway! 


Active First Touch: this boosts your ball control, sprint speed and acceleration when you come into contact with the ball. It’s ideal for a quick turn of pace.

Skilled Dribbler: Grants you the flair trait whilst on the ball. Also improves your dribbling and skill move abilities – this perk is what helps you look silky smooth when playing!

Skill tree breakdown:

Physical: you can go light on the skill points here; allocate points to the first two stamina blocks, as well as the first strength block.

Defending: these this to the boring players in the team… 0 points.

Dribbling: Unlocking the maestro archetype is your main aim here – it’ll give you unrivalled fancy footwork out on the pitch!

Passing: Make sure you unlock the Artist Archetype – it’s an insane addition for a winger, meaning you can whip top quality balls into the box with ease.

Shooting: Keep it simple on shooting, just increase the first 3 finishing stats – that should see you reach 76 finishing, which is okay considering you’re playing a more creative role for the team.

Pace: Use the remainder of your skill points on Acceleration and sprint speed to unlock the Cheetah Archetype, this is essential if you want the pace to play into the META of the game.

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