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FIFA 22 Pro Clubs: end game striker build 

Written by Stakester
4 Aug, 2022

Round out the FIFA 22 Pr Clubs era with this unreal striker build!

With only a few months left of FIFA 22’s game cycle, and with the wind being taken out of Ultimate Team’s sails, you might be looking for something to spice up your FIFA 22 experience. This FIFA 22 Pro Clubs striker build will inject a bit of excitement back into the game, and your mates are bound to be jealous of all the goals you bag!

Perk Slots

Starting off with the perks, we’ve opted to go for the following:

  • Skilled Dribbling: This grants you improved skill moves, as well as the flair trait, which means you can save your points for more important stats.
  • Active First Touch: pace is everything in Pro Clubs this year, and this perk will give you a much needed pace boost when you approach a ball.
  • Threaded Passing: you can’t get away with not being able to pass to your teammates in Pro Clubs, so if you want to steer clear of the abuse, this is a must! 


Position – Striker (obviously).

Height – 5’6, we’ve mentioned how pace is the META in this game mode, so you really want to squeeze every last drop of speed out of the game!

Weight – 119lb, in the real world we all know a player this light would struggle – but hey, it’s FIFA, who needs strength anyway? 

Skill Points


Although stamina and strength would be stats we would ideally like to improve, they’re not absolutely necessary. For this reason, we’re leaving the physical tree untouched.


For obvious reasons, avoid this skill tree like the plague.


Set up your skill tree as the image above. The main talking point for this skill tree is to unlock the Maestro Archetype – this gives you a really incredible control over the ball and a big boost in dribbling too.

Another note is that you don’t actually have to unlock five star skills on this build, because of your Skilled Dribbling trait.


This one is simple enough, just unlock the first short passing boost. Your passing won’t be amazing, but it’ll be more than enough to get you by!


You NEED to make sure the 5 star weak foot, without this you’re going to end up wasting a lot of your chances. Apart from that, fill out your tree the same as above!


You want to make sure you unlock the Cheetah Archetype on this skill tree. You will probably not have enough skill points left for the final sprint speed slot, but if you can make space, we recommend getting it.

Now, you aren’t going to get the max rating using this end game striker build, but does that really matter if you’re consistently dragging your team to victory? Leave the higher ratings to those without the skills, and concentrate on doing the business on the pitch.

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