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FIFA 22 Pro Clubs: Take Our Money Now EA!

Written by Stakester
23 Apr, 2021

For years now, FIFA’s Pro Clubs game mode has remained almost untouched. If we’re honest we all know the reason why; it makes them no money. The developers would, understandably, rather spend their time on everyone’s favourite cash cow – Ultimate Team. 

But, we feel the time for change has arrived – if we can kill the Super League, we can save Pro Clubs! If you’re reading this, EA, then here are 4 ways you could rinse us of our money in FIFA 22 Pro Clubs – which would also improve the game mode for us!

Vanity Options

The current system needs a revamp

Boots, hairstyles, tattoos, the list goes on. Being able to make your Pro truly stand out (and we’re not talking about the standard pink dreadlocks) would definitely appeal to Pro Clubs players. Similar systems are already in place in popular games such as Fortnite and Call of Duty, so this is a no brainer. After all, people are willing to spend their money on items which truly define their own player and play style because it enhances their experience on the game.

This could fund… training grounds

Being able to hit the training ground with your squad to work on set pieces and gain skill points would be great. You’d also be able to level up the skill of your AI teammates, which is a must considering the amount of howlers they have per game. 

Away from training, being able to play 2 v 2 or 3 v3 with your squad would be a nice addition. EA could even add in minigames like headers and volleys! This would be especially useful when you and half of your team are in the lobby waiting for that one mate who said they were “getting a drink” 10 minutes ago – just jump into the training ground for a kickabout!

Season Pass

If a quarterly season pass is what we need to truly get the Pro Clubs ball rolling then hit me with it. Imagine a world in which £5.99 every 3 months would bag us new celebrations, kits and even game modes, bliss. It’s unlikely that it would happen, but putting Pro Clubs behind its own paywall (separate from the full game) would ensure a team of developers could give this game mode some much needed love. We believe this could be a success given the amount of money that is spent on FIFA Ultimate Team’s ‘FIFA Points’ system.

This could fund… substitutions/rejoin

This could be controversial, but we think substitutions are a must add in FIFA 22. The pain points that this would address are the dreaded situations of loading up Pro Clubs when your team is already in a match and lagging out of a match. Instead of having to wait until the full time whistle you could make an appearance (or reappearance) off the bench.


Current kits are lacking

Admittedly, in FIFA 21 we have seen some refreshing developments in the kit department. However, there are limitations: the base kit designs are repetitive, you can’t put a club crest on your kit and the best designs are overused. A system in which you can customise existing kits would vastly improve our experience on this game mode – being to add a final touch to a kit of our choosing would be great!

This could fund… the return of accomplishments

Admittedly, accomplishments weren’t the best system of levelling up your Pro. However, a system in which you can lose 5-0 with a rating of 6.3 and still receive 4 skill points? Yeah, no thanks. We think a blend between the 2 systems would be a much better way of tracking your Pro’s progress. On top of that, the accomplishments book was brilliant for the completionist within us all.

Stadium Development

It seems people have been crying out for this one for a long time. Stadium development so far has been limited to Ultimate Team, and even then you’re limited to colour scheme, pitch design and having pointless statues dotted around. What we really want is to see our stadium develop alongside us, as we gain promotion through the divisions we’ll see capacity increase and have our facilities improve, this would all be possible with a pay option. 

This could fund… game face

Bring game face to Pro Clubs. This one is purely because we think the laughs it would provide to the team would be unparalleled!

P.S. Just give us all this FIFA 22 content for free EA, cheers.

After FIFA 22’s Release Date

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