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FIFA 22 Pro Clubs: The best beginner CAM build

Written by Stakester
22 Oct, 2021

We’re back again with our best beginner Pro Clubs build series! Today we’re making our way down the field from striker to CAM, so keep reading if you’re interested in becoming that silky, creative number 10 for your squad. 

We’ve got you covered if you want to build a CAM – we’ll walk you through how you should distribute your skill points early in the game!

Remember: you’re going to need to have played around 30-40 games for this build to be possible – we know it isn’t ideal, but with EA having made it nearly impossible to level up (around 1000 games to max out), it’s the best any of us can do!

Beginner CAM Build

Before we start, it’s useful to know that you can actually build a well-rounded CAM using a striker and you’ll have more pace for doing that. However, we prefer to go for a more traditional CAM and so sacrifice the striker’s pace for the improved passing of an attacking midfielder.

Physical attributes

Height: 5’8 – being short adds more pace to your game whilst also ensuring that you have plenty of agility and balance, ideal for the pin-point dribbling and turn of pace that you are going to need to link the midfield and attack.

Weight: You want to make your weight somewhere around the 202 pounds mark, you’ll see for yourself that the stats for different areas begin to change when you give or take a few pounds, so tweak this to your own preference. But at 202 pounds (after applying skill points) you will have 92 pace, 75 shooting, 85 passing and 84 dribbling!

We know 202 pounds sounds extreme, but unlike FIFA 21, it really doesn’t matter. You could be the size of Akinfenwa and still have 95 pace!

The perks

We have a few options here, so depending on your level and your perk slots, feel free to select any of these:

Active first touch: this one should probably be your first trait – it unlocks at level 5 and increases your ball control, sprint speed and acceleration after your first touch, it’s great for adding extra explosiveness to your play.

Physical strength: this perk improves your strength, jumping and ball control – when you’re playing in this role, each of these stats is important in rounding out your onfield abilities. 

Assist streak: this one is the first perk that you unlock and will grant you an increase in passing for 15 minutes after an assist – now we prefer being the goalscorer, but if being a team player is your jam, then you will want this perk active.

The skill tree breakdown

FIFA 22 pro clubs skill tree for CAM

Pace – once again, pace is the name of the game, you’re going to want to make sure you max this out and unlock the Cheetah Archetype as soon as possible to bump your player up to 92 pace.

Passing – this is where your skill points need to be spent if you’re to be an effective CAM for your team. Your teammates will give you an earful of abuse if you can’t pull off a simple through ball in behind the defence, so improve your short passing (to 88), long passing (to 87) and vision (to 81) to begin with. 

Dribbling – you should unlock the first agility block and the first dribbling block. Agility is so important as you’ll feel like a double decker bus without it and dribbling is going to be your friend when you’re weaving through the opposition defence like a maestro. These two should take you to 87 dribbling and 77 agility.

The next steps – depending on your play style, we recommend the next areas to improve upon when you earn more skill points are either:

  1.  Skill moves if you’re a player who likes to link up play and bring the flair to your team

– or – 

  1. Shooting, particularly long shots as this is most likely where most of your goals will come from as a CAM (the distance shooter perk is amazing for this when you reach level 21).

A solid starter build

And that’s Stakester’s beginner starter build for a central attacking midfielder! Try it out and see for yourself just how good it is for providing a touch of class to your team.

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